• What impact does developing small programs have on the development of enterprises?

    Original title: What impact does developing small programs have on the development of enterprises Since the WeChat mini program was launched, more and more companies have developed their own mini programs. According to statistics, the number of mini programs has now reached one million. No, but the number is still small, because there are still some companies that are on the sidelines about mini programs, and are always worried that the effects of developing WeChat mini programs will not be good. The editor here tells you that the mini program…

  • What are the main considerations when companies develop small programs?

    Original title: What are the main priorities for companies to develop small programs? As of 2021, I believe it is not difficult to find that many well-known companies have developed small programs, and now it is not just an official website that can meet the service needs of online users. Therefore, many companies have begun to choose to develop small programs. Expand online service channels, but many companies blindly develop small programs because they do not understand them, which can be said to be “harmful and unprofitable”. So what are…

  • How much does it cost to develop a small program using a template? How much does it cost to customize a small program?

    Original title: How much does it cost to develop a small program using a template? Everyone knows that the quotations given by different development companies for the development of small programs are different, and merchants who buy small programs need different functions of the small programs, so even if The prices of mini programs from the same company are also different. 1. Template-based development of small programs: If the merchant does not choose custom development, it can usually be obtained for only a few hundred to several thousand yuan a…

  • Mini program development costs

    Original title: Development costs of small programs At present, the development market of small programs is very hot. As long as there are services, there are prospects for the development of small programs. There is no fixed price for the development of small programs. The price should be set according to its own functional requirements. With the case of small programs More and more, its pricing is also divided into two situations: 1. Self-developed If you develop it by yourself, the mini program has a certification server fee of 300….

  • Can individuals develop and make small programs?

    Original title: Can individuals develop and make small programs? I believe everyone is familiar with small programs, but most people have no idea how to develop and produce small programs. Because the development and production of small programs requires a certain technical foundation, many people use outsourcing companies or third-party website building platforms to develop and produce them. Well, with the rapid development of technology now, the threshold for personal development has gradually been lowered, so it is not difficult for individuals to develop and produce small programs now. So…

  • What preparations do companies need to make before developing small programs?

    Original title: What preparations do companies need to make before developing small programs? What preparations do companies need to make before developing small programs? Due to the influence brought by small programs, the majority of enterprises are full of expectations and want to obtain business opportunities through the development of small programs. However, developing mini programs is a very detailed task. Only when companies are fully prepared can they create high-quality mini programs. So next, the editor will talk about the specific preparations to be done before developing a small…

  • Is it better to buy a template directly or customize a small program?

    Original title: Is it better to just buy a template or customize a small program? Nowadays, when many businesses consult about software, they ask whether it is better to develop small programs using templates or customized development? The editor thinks that we must first determine the type of small program you want to develop. If you cannot even determine the content of the small program to be developed, how can you talk about development. Secondly, depending on the content you want the mini program to present, decide whether a template…

  • What issues need to be considered when developing mini programs to make money?

    Original title: What issues need to be considered when developing small programs to make money? Mini programs are developing rapidly, and many companies have successively developed small programs and put them into the market. However, when developing small programs, companies have to consider one issue, that is, how to achieve profitability. After all, if small programs can make profits, the company will have certain development value. Next, the editor will briefly introduce what issues need to be considered in order to make profits when developing small programs? 1. Obtain user…

  • What aspects need to be considered in mini program development?

    Things to consider when developing small programs in Chengdu Market space No matter what type of small program a company develops, it must first think clearly whether this small program has market space. Only by clarifying this issue can we ensure that the small programs we develop have broad market prospects, can be favored by many users, and produce more ideal results for the enterprise. If the market prospect space is not established, the company will not be able to ensure actual results, and the final success or failure will…

  • WeChat small store target users

    WeChat store target users As we have mentioned before, WeChat recently launched the WeChat Mini Store tool for internal testing. Merchants can apply for free entry, and small stores temporarily have common functions of e-commerce, as well as the recently popular live broadcast function. So for WeChat small stores, who are its target users? Before WeChat Small Store, WeChat e-commerce mainly consisted of third-party e-commerce platforms such as Suning,, and Meituan, and some merchants in the supermarket, catering and fresh food industries, including small and medium-sized merchants such as…

  • How do small programs make money in real life?

    Since the emergence of mini programs, many companies have started Internet entrepreneurship through mini programs. The emergence of shared products has made these companies the beneficiaries, such as shared bicycles and shared power banks that are commonly used in our lives. Some of these products are realized through small programs. When users use it, they can directly open the mini program and scan the code. The reason why mini programs are so popular right now is because their advantages are very obvious, their experience is very good, users like them,…

  • Can applet development be done using applet templates?

    Can applets be developed using applet templates? The method of small program template making platform does not require high development costs, and can use funds for more daily operations. Generally, it only takes 1-3 days to go online successfully. For example, the way of small program templates really cannot meet the needs of enterprises. It is also a good choice to choose custom development or form a technical team. If it is a relatively common and general industry, such as retail, e-commerce, wholesale, hotel, beauty industry, fresh food and other…

  • What aspects determine the cost of small program development

    Many friends want to know how much is the outsourcing development cost of a small program? In fact, there is no specific standard for the development cost of small programs. The price of small program outsourcing development is mainly determined by the development method of small programs, the complexity of small program functional requirements, and the charging standards of small program development companies. 1. Mini-program development method At present, there are two development methods for small programs, namely, the development of small program system templates that can meet the functional…

  • How to choose a small program development company?

    There are many small program development companies now, and the situation of different development companies will be different. However, for users, the development of small programs should pay more attention to whether the developed small programs can meet the needs. After all, the development needs to be operated for a long time. At the same time, factors such as cost will also be considered. These require us to compare more when developing . You can compare the small program cases developed by the small program development company in the past….

  • What should be paid attention to when outsourcing the development of small programs?

    A small program is an application that can be used without downloading and installing. It is also an innovation with a very high barrier to entry. It realizes the dream of an application “at your fingertips”. Users can open the application by scanning or searching, similar to on the browser’s functionality. In today’s fierce competition in all walks of life, small programs are undoubtedly of great help to enterprises. Whether it is improving efficiency, improving brand awareness, or marketing effects, they are all very useful. Therefore, many companies and merchants…