• Shanghai Corporate Website Production Company: What is the role of a corporate website?

    The role of corporate website development is as a platform for companies to conduct online marketing and image promotion on the Internet. It is equivalent to the company’s online business card. It is not only a good publicity, but also assists the company’s sales. Enterprises can use corporate websites for publicity, product information release, recruitment, etc. We are a professional Shanghai corporate website production company. Today we will talk to you about the role of a corporate website? Corporate websites can enhance corporate image The corporate website is the business…

  • Website operation company: What are the specific work contents of website operation?

    Although some companies develop corporate websites, they do not have professionals engaged in website operations within the company. At this time, some companies will choose to operate the website on their behalf, and a professional website operation company will be responsible for it. For companies that are new to website operation, they still don’t know what work is included in this operation? We are a professional website agency operation company. Today, let’s talk to you about the specific work content of website agency operation? Website operation: Internet promotion It is…

  • Shanghai Website Production Company: What are the steps and processes for making a corporate website?

    In the era of rapid development of the Internet, company website construction has become a business card of the company on the Internet. Enterprises must build a corporate website of their own in order to gain a foothold in the Internet society. A new milestone for a professional Shanghai website production company. Today I will talk to you about Shanghai website production: What are the steps and processes of corporate website production? The first step in website creation: domain name registration Building a website requires at least a website address,…

  • What issues should you pay attention to when looking for a small program development company?

    Original title: What issues should you pay attention to when looking for a small program development company? Nowadays, there are many Internet companies engaged in mini program development on the market, so it is not easy to select a high-quality mini program development company with good development quality and good service quality. Because the market is mixed with many intermediaries under the guise of companies, as well as studios or individual units with immature technology. So today, let’s take you through some issues that you need to pay attention to…

  • How to choose a reliable software development company

    As a novice in the industry, it is difficult to choose a reliable software development company. After all, I can’t tell at a glance how great a software company’s development capabilities are. I have also cooperated with one or two companies and would like to share some experience on how to identify an APP development company. Several key APP development companies were selected through preliminary screening. Screening principles and precautions: Look at the company’s strength (Baidu, official website, technical staff…), check the company’s marketing information, look at the company’s main…

  • How to find the right APP development company

    The APP software in the current market is also diverse. Everything has two sides, and APP software products also have good and bad qualities. Some APP software has indeed brought great convenience to people’s life and production, such as some public transportation inquiry, e-commerce shopping or takeaway ordering platforms, which have brought convenience to people’s life and consumption. Therefore, when enterprises develop APP, they must choose the right APP development company, so as to provide better guarantee for the practicality of APP. The various software production companies on the market…

  • How to choose a software development company

    I believe that many entrepreneurs or companies will face a lot of choices when choosing a software development company. In fact, these are normal. A good company must not only have development capabilities but also have the ability to solve technical problems. The second is It is also important to respond to after-sales issues as soon as possible. For example, when users register, text message reception problems will seriously affect the user experience. The first impression is that the software is terrible. When it comes to choosing a company, I…

  • What if you want to customize a software of your own?

    What if you want to customize a software of your own? There are taxi-hailing apps when going out, and takeout apps when eating. Some people like financial management and financial management software. Various software are used in our lives every day. Software can make our daily life more convenient and faster, and some software can also be effective. to improve work efficiency. What if you want to customize a software of your own? The first step: clarify the goal, think about what the software is used for or in what…

  • There are several issues you need to pay attention to when looking for cooperation with an APP development company.

    You need to pay attention to several issues when looking for cooperation with an APP development company Nowadays, many people tend to be blind when choosing to cooperate with APP development companies. Under such circumstances, many people’s projects suffer serious losses. In fact, if you choose to cooperate with an app development company, you should first understand whether it is formal or not. Take a look at the size and registration information of the app development company, and then conduct an on-site inspection to learn more about them and see…

  • Shanghai Software Development-Xinli Information’s experience in APP outsourcing

    Xinli Information Technology combines its many years of software development experience and Internet development experience to talk about the things to pay attention to when looking for APP developers: 1. Company size of outsourcing company The outsourcing industry is not a new industry. There have been such companies since the beginning of software. Therefore, companies in this industry are not entrepreneurial companies with relatively high risks, and their technical content is not high. In this case, if the scale of the outsourcing company itself It is still very small, so…

  • Shanghai Software Company-How to determine who is a good APP development company

    When all companies plan to develop APPs, they will be undecided about choosing a development team. There is a wavering between building your own team and finding an outsourced team. Given that the outsourcing company’s own team is relatively mature, it can save the time and cost of team running-in. Therefore, in order to reduce early development costs, most companies will basically look for professional technology companies or Internet companies. Although choosing an outsourcing company is simple, trouble-free and saves money, other problems will follow, such as: How to Only…

  • Shanghai Software Development Company-How to choose a software development company that suits you?

    Direct selling system software design and development丨How to choose a software development company How to choose a software development company that suits you? First, let’s take a look at what kinds of software development companies there are. 1. Personal technology development I understand front-end and back-end language development, and I can take on some private work during work. The development cost is low. The disadvantage is that it is a personal software, and the quality and after-sales service of the software cannot be guaranteed. It is suitable for simple system…

  • Shanghai Mini Program Development – How to find a reliable company for developing Mini Programs?

    Nowadays, more and more industries and businesses have discovered the importance of private domain traffic, so many businesses have begun to pay attention to and launch mini programs, and want to develop one of their own. , use your own small program to do business. How to develop a small program? How to find a reliable company? You can start from the following aspects: 1. Development cases Nowadays, small programs in various industries are relatively popular on the market. When choosing a development company, you can find out whether they…

  • Shanghai Software Development Company – What should you pay attention to when looking for a software development outsourcing company?

    Issues that need attention in software outsourcing development Software already exists in every aspect of life. Every company has its own software. When companies in non-computing industries need to customize and develop their own software systems, do they have to recruit and form a development team? Of course this is not the case. There are specialties in the art industry, and rushing into a new industry will not only consume a lot of time and energy, but also often lead to unsatisfactory results. So what should you pay attention to…

  • Shanghai website construction company – What issues should we pay attention to when outsourcing website construction?

    For many companies today, it is very necessary to have an official website of their own company. However, not all companies will have professional personnel to build websites, so website construction outsourcing has become the first choice for many companies. What issues need to be paid attention to when outsourcing website construction? First of all, when choosing to outsource website construction, you must pay attention to whether the company you choose to outsource is a formal enterprise. Only on the premise of ensuring the formality of the outsourcing company can…