Can individuals develop and make small programs?

Original title: Can individuals develop and make small programs?

I believe everyone is familiar with small programs, but most people have no idea how to develop and produce small programs. Because the development and production of small programs requires a certain technical foundation, many people use outsourcing companies or third-party website building platforms to develop and produce them. Well, with the rapid development of technology now, the threshold for personal development has gradually been lowered, so it is not difficult for individuals to develop and produce small programs now. So today I will tell you the detailed process of personal development and production of small programs for your reference.

Can individuals develop and make small programs?

1. Account registration

If you want to use mini programs, you must register an account on the official website. For WeChat mini programs, go to the WeChat platform, and for Toutiao mini programs, go to the Toutiao platform. The registration process is also very simple. The official website has detailed procedures. You can just follow the process to register. What Huomao Jun needs to remind everyone here is that if the small program you develop requires payment function, the platform requires individuals to provide corporate qualifications, otherwise this function cannot be activated. Because of the amount involved, personal qualifications cannot activate the payment function. In addition, the mini program account requires a certification fee of 300 yuan. If you have a certified public account, you can waive this fee.

2. Domain name

The domain name is mainly due to the official requirements of the platform. The mini program requires a domain name and an SSL certificate to access the mini program. Therefore, before developing and producing, everyone first purchases a domain name. The domain name price is usually around 55 yuan/year. The sooner you buy a domain name, the better, because domain names need to be registered, and registration takes two weeks to a month.

3. Server

The server of the mini program is mainly used to store website information and applications. The specific configuration depends on personal needs. If the initial traffic is not large, you can choose a low-configuration server. The general price is usually around a few hundred yuan per year. For servers, you can buy them from platforms such as Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud.

4. Program development

The above steps are the prerequisites for developing small programs, and then we get to the program application development process. In the past, this link was the most difficult, because the development process of a small program required several steps such as UI design, front-end development, and back-end development. But as technology iterates, individuals can also do these jobs well. Now you can go online and apply ready-made UI interface libraries, front-end source codes, etc., and the back-end can directly use the technology developed by Tencent Cloud. Many things do not need to be built from scratch, and there are detailed on-site tutorials for these online.

Finally, if you feel that you cannot cope with program development, you can find an outsourcing company or a friend who understands technology to help. The above is an introduction to the development of personal small programs. If you want to know more about this aspect, you can pay more attention to the editor.

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