What functions are required for the development of smart tax applet?

With the rapid development of social economy, many offline businesses have gradually moved online, providing convenience to people’s lives. In daily life, people often need to spend a certain amount of time and energy to pay taxes. Taxation The mini program allows taxpayers to pay taxes more conveniently and at the same time allows taxpayers to learn more tax information. For users and the tax bureau, the tax applet provides great convenience to users and improves the management level of the tax bureau. It is a convenient application product.

What functions are required for the development of smart tax applet?
Tax applet

What functions are required for the development of smart tax applet?

1. Public service settings: This function is aimed at ordinary people. Users who need to know about services or have some tax-related questions can find the content they need in the public service. The public service setting is a more humane side.

2. Tax reminder: If an individual or company is involved in tax, the mini program will automatically push information to the user to remind them.

3. Tax knowledge: Many people do not know much about tax knowledge, so setting up a tax knowledge section is of great help to popularize taxation. Integrate taxation knowledge, policies and regulations, and business topics, analyze hot issues, and answer questions.

4. Tax consultation: If users need to know or inquire about tax-related issues, they can directly consult online, and the questions will be answered quickly.

5. Announcement information: Get the latest information released by the tax bureau as soon as possible.

6. Integrated tax payment platform: The system provides taxpayers with unified mobile wireless tax services. In addition to tax processing, taxpayers can also interact and communicate, realize multi-channel electronic tax processing, and bring taxpayers a new experience.

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