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  • How to do a good job in Internet marketing promotion for real estate websites?

    With the rapid development of online platforms, many consumers will search for housing information online. The promotion of real estate websites has increasingly become an indispensable marketing tool for enterprises. However, as a traditional industry, real estate also hopes to use the power of the mobile Internet to directly contact users at a faster speed. How to do a good job in Internet marketing and promotion of real estate websites? Clarify property positioning While the real estate industry can appeal to all consumer groups, every home has key advantages like…

  • Prohibited word detection in website new advertising law_Prohibited word detection in PDF advertisement_Prohibited word detection service in online shop

    The new Advertising Law generally refers to the Advertising Law of the People’s Republic of China. The Advertising Law of the People’s Republic of China was formulated to regulate advertising activities, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, promote the healthy development of the advertising industry, and maintain social and economic order. Since the advent of the new advertising law, many companies and brands will have the need to search for prohibited and illegal words in advertisements, search for prohibited words on websites, and check prohibited words in PDF…

  • What is private domain traffic? How to build your own private domain traffic?

    What is private domain traffic? How to build your own private domain traffic?When it comes to “private domain traffic pool”, everyone’s understanding is different. Some people understand it as a new traffic method, and some people understand it as a user pool.In fact, if you really want to define the “private domain traffic pool”: then its essence is not traffic, but the refined operation of users. The users in the private domain traffic pool can be used repeatedly by themselves and can be reached for free. These users are accumulated…

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  • What is white box testing? What is the method of white box testing?

    What is white box testing? White box testing is also known as structural testing or logic-driven testing. It is to know the internal working process of the product. It can be used to test whether the internal actions of the product are carried out normally according to the specifications, and to test according to the internal structure of the program. A program that verifies that each path in the program works correctly as intended, regardless of its function. White box testing is a test case design method. The box refers…

  • What is the difference between server cold backup and hot backup?

    What is server cold backup? A cold backup occurs when the database has been shut down normally, and will provide us with a complete database when shut down normally. A term for copying critical files to another location during cold backup. For backing up Oracle information, cold backup is the fastest and safest method. The advantages of cold backup are: 1. It is a very fast backup method (just copy files) 2. Easy to file (just copy) 3. Easily restore to a certain point in time (just copy the file…