• What should you pay attention to when making and developing WeChat mini programs?

    What should you pay attention to when making and developing WeChat mini programs? 1. The first thing is to understand the background and business of the development company Consider the qualifications of the development company, the strength of the technical team, and whether there is experience in developing software products. Don’t easily believe that a small team of three or five people can quickly build a small program. Some copy other people’s code, and if a bug occurs, they cannot quickly locate the problem. Of course, this cannot be generalized….

  • What issues need to be considered when developing mini programs to make money?

    Original title: What issues need to be considered when developing small programs to make money? Mini programs are developing rapidly, and many companies have successively developed small programs and put them into the market. However, when developing small programs, companies have to consider one issue, that is, how to achieve profitability. After all, if small programs can make profits, the company will have certain development value. Next, the editor will briefly introduce what issues need to be considered in order to make profits when developing small programs? 1. Obtain user…

  • Planning and functions of takeout app development

    Nowadays, in the Internet era, major e-commerce apps on the market are crazy to seize a large number of customers’ attention. The online counterpart is that offline physical store business is becoming increasingly difficult to do. Nowadays, giants such as Walmart, Rainbow, and China Resources Vanguard have begun to deploy their own e-commerce channels and combine their offline and online businesses to achieve a better user experience. A powerful takeout app can optimize and combine store resources in the local area to provide local customers with various life services, fresh…

  • Basis for e-commerce mini program development and production prices

    Nowadays, e-commerce mini-programs are becoming more and more popular among corporate merchants. Investment and development of e-commerce mini-programs has become one of the important projects for many companies. However, the problem that troubles many ignorant people is always the issue of price. So what is the basis for determining the price of current e-commerce mini program development and production? Here the editor will give you a simple analysis based on previous cases. Development prices are generally based on development needs, server size, development company, and development method. I have said…

  • Do you know the eight steps of the software development process?

    Do you know the eight steps of the software development process? Software applications can help us make our lives and work more convenient, and can also help companies increase profits, so software development has become a popular project. The editor here will share with you the eight steps of the software development process, hoping to help partners who need to develop software. 1. Software positioning: It is to determine the early idea of ​​what kind of software you want to develop, whether it is for mall system type, reservation type,…

  • Can merchants’ difficulty in acquiring customers be solved through WeChat mini programs?

    Can merchants’ difficulty in acquiring customers be solved through WeChat mini programs? Presumably many merchants have chosen to enter the platform because of the commercial value that WeChat mini programs can bring. However, during the operation process, they also found that they could not easily acquire customers, and there was not even the slightest problem of user traffic. In fact, it was related to themselves. I didn’t understand that SEO optimization is also needed in mini program operations! After keyword optimization is done, the rankings searched by users will be…

  • What are the real blockchain applications since the advent of blockchain?

    What are the real blockchain applications since the emergence of blockchain? It has been ten years since the emergence of blockchain. Over the years, blockchain has never been looked upon favorably. Now everyone is involved in the research and development of blockchain technology. Many people believe that blockchain will completely subvert everything. After such a long period of development, what are the real blockchain applications? From payment methods to legal documents, from custody services to voting systems… every existing blockchain application case is trying to integrate distributed, encrypted, and anonymous…

  • The importance of website construction to enterprise development

    In today’s era, website construction is becoming more and more important to enterprises. No matter which enterprise it is, it will be affected by online sales channels. Website construction is not only a facade of the enterprise on the Internet, but also adds more sales channels to the enterprise. , let me tell you a few points about the importance of website construction. 1. Improve the corporate image. For companies, it is very necessary to build a website. It is conducive to improving the corporate image. A well-designed website will…

  • Shared Management System-What is a shared tea room?

    Shared tea rooms will already provide people with shared spaces in first- and second-tier cities in 2022. Many shared tea rooms have been quietly put into operation, but some people still don’t know what a shared tea room is, so let me explain it to you next. Shared tearooms are a combination of Internet technology and smart devices. That is, they are equipped with intelligent autonomous systems based on traditional stores. Customers can make reservations through public accounts and mini programs, thereby intelligently starting appliances and access control through mobile…

  • Distribution mall system-how to use and features the hourly flash sale function

    Many business owners say that they have purchased too many products and cannot sell them in the warehouse. What should they do if the inventory pressure is high? Today I would like to share with you a function called the hourly flash sale function. This function has helped many business opportunities sell their stored goods, and I think it is very helpful. This function is actually to make your product at a certain point in time, and then set its corresponding inventory, so that users will feel that they will…

  • Sharing system development-How can sharing shareholders avoid financial disputes?

    Dear bosses, after cooperating with shared shareholders, how should we ensure that our accounts are transparent and there are no financial disputes? After all, if a shared shareholder shares its own customer base and the profits generated after consumption in your store, the shared shareholder will be very concerned about it. How do I know if my customers are here? What if you didn’t tell me or give me the money? And what items did my friend spend here? I don’t know if you will miscalculate the money for me?…

  • Flexible employment platform development-flexible employment will come in large numbers

    I have a client who is the CEO of a major online ride-hailing company. Yesterday he called me and told me that he left the workplace, not because 996 felt too tired, but because he wanted to start a career of his own. He wanted to research and serve Flexible employment issues for individuals and businesses. In the future, the employment situation of individuals and enterprises will definitely undergo great changes. More and more jobs will be completed in the form of flexible employment. This is caused by three reasons:…

  • Shanghai software development-software outsourcing company’s software development project undertaking process

    Software project development takes a long time and requires a lot of detailed work. There are many details that need to be processed during the entire development process. How to handle these details well is very important to the success of a project. Many entrepreneurs who start their own business do not know the process. Today I will show you the project contract acceptance process: 1. After receiving the customer’s intention, the first step is to clarify the customer’s needs. Some customers’ needs are just one or two sentences, and…

  • Shanghai APP Development-What are the disadvantages of using templates to develop APPs?

    In the mobile Internet industry, APP software applications have become an indispensable marketing tool for users. Now all walks of life will choose APP software platforms to dock their own products. However, in mobile Internet software production, it is divided into two main modes: template development and customized development, which have many differences in functional production processes. But what are the main disadvantages when enterprises choose template APP software applications? Let’s take a look at what problems will arise from using templates to develop APPs? Before developing APP applications, enterprises…

  • Shanghai website optimization-how to operate and promote the website after it is built

    How to operate and optimize the new website? Some friends asked me how to operate and promote the website after it is built. Today I will tell you some key points in operation and promotion. I believe that building a website is mainly for the company to get more business and increase the company’s performance and brand awareness. Website operation refers to all work related to the later operation and management of the website in order to improve the efficiency of the website in serving users. Website promotion is the…