What aspects determine the cost of small program development

Many friends want to know how much is the outsourcing development cost of a small program?

In fact, there is no specific standard for the development cost of small programs. The price of small program outsourcing development is mainly determined by the development method of small programs, the complexity of small program functional requirements, and the charging standards of small program development companies.

What aspects determine the cost of small program development
Small program development

1. Mini-program development method

At present, there are two development methods for small programs, namely, the development of small program system templates that can meet the functional requirements.

The second type of small program development company is to customize the development according to your actual functional requirements, and develop a small program that meets your functional requirements from code to code.

2. The complexity of the function requirements of the applet

The development of small program functions is more complicated and time-consuming, so the price will naturally be higher.

3. Small program development company charging standards

At present, there is no unified standard for the charging of small program development companies in the market, and the charging standard of each company is different. Under normal circumstances, the price of using sass applet templates is more than a few thousand yuan a year, and most of the template applets are charged on an annual basis.

Customizing the development cost of small programs according to functional requirements requires the small program development company to quote according to the functions. Generally, it is around tens of thousands of yuan, and there are also small programs with complex functions that may cost more than hundreds of thousands of yuan.

Finally, regarding the small program outsourcing development costs, you can directly contact the staff of the small program development company with the functional requirements of the small program, so that the staff can give you a professional small program outsourcing development cost list according to your needs. You will know exactly what the cost will be. Of course, you can also contact us directly to give you a quotation. We are specialized in undertaking small program outsourcing development business.

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