Advertising Landing Page Creation

Ad landing page production Also known as the landing page is the first page that is linked to the website after the visitor clicks on the social media Douyin, Kuaishou, Moments advertisement or other advertisements. It can be understood as the first page entered after clicking the advertisement.

We provide professional advertising landing page production_landing page production_H5 form development and production services

landing page production
landing page production

Ad landing page production ability to effectively introduce your company

The most important part of a homepage is how effectively it grabs the visitor’s attention. So the key is whether your homepage can answer the three major questions in the mind of visitors in a few seconds:

1. What kind of company is this?

2. What exactly does this company do?

3. Compared with competitors, what are your advantages?

Ad landing pages create responsive, minimalist designs

Visitors will log into your website from devices such as PCs, tablets, or smartphones. As mobile penetration continues to increase around the world, the latest figures show that nearly 60% of website traffic is provided by mobile devices.

In order to ensure a better user experience on your website, it is crucial to design pages with responsiveness in mind. Responsive design means that no matter what device is used to access your website, the user experience is the same or very similar. First of all, the navigation should be designed so that users can browse different pages quickly; second, the functions need to be similar, so that users can access all the functions of the website without switching devices; finally, the design should be simple, so that your design can be used in different The size of the screen can be clearly communicated.

Ad landing pages create simple, smooth navigation

Using the entire site should be smooth. If a visitor experiences frustration during their visit to your site, that negative emotion can have a huge impact on your relationship.

A smart and intuitive homepage design starts with simple navigation, creating easily recognizable menus with visual separation such as color and contrast. Second, there should be a reasonable logical relationship between different page tags, so that users can quickly find the location of the navigation tab or button. It is also very important to ensure that visitors know where they are on the site, so some visual changes (such as: highlighting, contrast or color changes) after selection can make a difference. An excellent homepage design can allow visitors to easily play between different pages and split screens, keeping close contact with users at all times, so as to arouse their desire to continue visiting.

Create the landing page of the ad with appropriate call-to-action

Someone visited your homepage! That’s a great start, but how do you keep them? Many modern homepages draw visitors’ attention with specific calls to action (CTAs) such as “Sign up now,” “Join us,” “Try it for free,” “Subscribe now,” and more, here are some examples of CTAs that can increase click-through rates

The webpage should be dedicated to attracting the attention of target users, guiding them to learn more about the company, find the information they want, leave contact information, or contact the company in other ways. The right CTA can guide visitors to browse on your expected path, so that the homepage that originally only served as a brochure will become a powerful sales engine.

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