WeChat development

Although the WeChat official account will have some functions, they are only some basic and simple functions, which cannot meet the needs of most companies and brands. In order to use the WeChat channel to vigorously promote marketing, in fact, it is necessary to develop more functions, and there is WeChat development. .

WeChat Development
WeChat Development

WeChat official account micro-official website development

1. Company profile: support multi-level classification; support short video/promotional video playback

2. Product display: The product supports multi-picture display, slide to browse pictures; supports small video playback,

3. News information: Connect with WeChat public platform to push relevant news;

4. Contact information: mark the location on the LBS map, click on the phone number to contact directly;

5. Auto-reply: take the official WeChat message reply as the standard.

WeChat public account WeChat customer service development

1. Multiple customer service ports: grouped, supporting multiple manual customer service to communicate online with WeChat public platform customers;

2. LBS location service: users use WeChat to provide location, and the public platform automatically matches the store or dealer closest to the user;

3. Suggestions/complaints/after-sales: After-sales service forms or jump pages are embedded in the WeChat platform.

WeChat official account mall development

1. Online ordering: support for docking with existing mall systems;

2. Membership system: support the docking of the existing membership system;

3. Online payment: Support online payment function. If the product does not need online payment, only order information and transaction information will be recorded.

4. Order management: support order management

5. Data analysis: support background data statistics and analysis

WeChat Development
WeChat Development

WeChat public account activities and promotions

1. Publishing activities: directly docking WeChat platform publishing activities;

2. Lottery scratch card: supports custom prize rules.

3. Lucky Draw Turntable: Support custom prizes and rules.

4. Distribution application: support various forms of drainage and distribution functions

WeChat member function

We can develop the function of micro-membership in the official account, that is, to help enterprises and merchants implant membership cards in WeChat, and establish a membership management platform integrating brand promotion, member management, marketing activities, and statistical reports. Under this function, any user who opens a membership status can obtain different privileged services according to different levels. For example, member users can contact customer service with one click and answer relevant questions at any time, instead of leaving messages in the background like other users and waiting for the staff’s reply, which is conducive to improving user experience and improving user satisfaction

For more information on the secondary development of WeChat official accounts, please contact Shanghai official account development company Lanchang Information Technology Customer Service


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