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  • Foreign trade website construction

    New Mileage Technology is a professional foreign trade website construction company: foreign trade enterprise website production_foreign trade marketing website construction_website production suitable for Google SEO, helping foreign trade enterprises to receive orders Many companies have already carried out foreign trade business. When conducting foreign trade, the most basic thing is to have a foreign trade independent station to do website SEO marketing For more foreign trade website construction company_foreign trade website design_foreign trade website development and production related information, please contact online customer service Foreign trade website design_Blue case The…

  • WeChat development

    Although the WeChat official account will have some functions, they are only some basic and simple functions, which cannot meet the needs of most companies and brands. In order to use the WeChat channel to vigorously promote marketing, in fact, it is necessary to develop more functions, and there is WeChat development. . WeChat official account micro-official website development 1. Company profile: support multi-level classification; support short video/promotional video playback 2. Product display: The product supports multi-picture display, slide to browse pictures; supports small video playback, 3. News information: Connect…

  • Enterprise website agent operation service

    Shanghai New Mileage Technology provides you with website agent operation services: website content update, website promotion, SEO optimization and SEM delivery and other services The enterprise website represents the image of the enterprise. It is the first way for many customers to understand the enterprise, and it is also a major platform for the enterprise to carry out network publicity and promotion. New Mileage Technology, a professional website operation company, came to chat with you: How should website operations be done? 1. Enterprise website agent operation: keep the website running…

  • Digital Marketing Services

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  • Enterprise press release

    Corporate news distribution can bring promotion and brand influence to the corporate brand. More and more companies attach great importance to news marketing. Shanghai Lanchang Information Technology has rich experience in publishing press releases and provides press releases Ghostwriting and press release publishing services for major portal websites Today, I will talk to you about how the company can promote the release of press releases, and send out corporate press releases on behalf of Enterprise press release generation: press release content planning The quality of content planning will affect the…

  • WeChat applet development

    WeChat applet development has now become a popular topic of discussion in the Internet circle. If enterprises and brands have not started to deploy WeChat mini-program business, there is a risk of falling behind. Small program development is one of the hottest programming languages ​​at present. It is easy to learn and applicable to various scenarios, making small programs the first choice of many programmers and developers. The basic process of applet development is:1. Design the functions of the applet, and determine the interface and functions of the applet;2. Use…