Mini program development costs

Original title: Development costs of small programs

At present, the development market of small programs is very hot. As long as there are services, there are prospects for the development of small programs. There is no fixed price for the development of small programs. The price should be set according to its own functional requirements. With the case of small programs More and more, its pricing is also divided into two situations:

1. Self-developed

If you develop it by yourself, the mini program has a certification server fee of 300. This is the official fee charged by Tencent. The cost of purchasing the server varies. It depends on the daily active users of the mini program. The number of users is large, so for The requirements for the server are determined. The cost of the certificate varies according to different security level requirements. You can check the official website of Alibaba Cloud for details.

Development Cost of Mini Program

2. Third-party development companies

Third-party cooperative companies are divided into two situations:

1. An Internet company that mainly sells small programs of finished products

The price of this kind of company is low, it can be done for a few thousand yuan, and it can be launched quickly, but modifications are troublesome and various problems may occur.

2. Software company focusing on custom development

The custom development company is happy to customize and develop specifically for your business and store. You decide the functions and any requirements. Later maintenance is very convenient and there is after-sales service, but the price is relatively high, ranging from tens of thousands to tens of thousands. It ranges from tens of thousands to tens of thousands, but it is expensive for its own sake, and the customized functions are more comprehensive.

Development Cost of Mini Program

The above are the most basic pricing and fees for mini programs. If you want to make a mini program, it is recommended to find a regular company that specializes in custom development. Not only will it be guaranteed in the future, but it will also provide after-sales service.

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