Detection of Prohibited Words in the New Advertising Law

With the rapid development of the Internet, basically every enterprise has its own corporate website. Users promote their own products or company image, and their own website promotion vocabulary is not used casually. If you do not understand the “New Advertising Law”, it is easy to touch When encountering prohibited and illegal words, because if you don’t pay attention, you may violate the new advertising law, and you will be punished by the industry and commerce department according to law

If your company or enterprise has these behaviors and is punished by the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, you need to cooperate with the industrial and commercial department to accept the punishment, because it is indeed a violation of the “New Advertising Law”, and you must conduct self-inspection and correct the website information as soon as possible

New Mileage Technology, a professional website SEO hosting company, is currently launching a service for checking and correcting prohibited and illegal words in the new advertising law on the website content, helping everyone to find and correct illegal words on the website as soon as possible. Please contact customer service for details

Detection of prohibited words in the new advertising law
Detection of prohibited words in the new advertising law

Website New Advertising Law Advertisement Prohibited Word Checking Service:

We have many years of rich experience in website development and content operation and maintenance, and have rich experience in the detection of prohibited and illegal words on customer websites that do not comply with the new advertising law. We have served the official websites and brand official websites of many large and medium-sized enterprises to detect and correct prohibited words. .

Intelligent analysis of the whole site Advertisement prohibited word whole site detection program + manual detection:

Lanchang Information Technology adopts the whole site intelligent analysis and prohibited words detection program to conduct text inspection covering the whole site, and provides manual detection services for suspected words that are prohibited and violated regulations in the new advertising law

Image of the whole site, detection of prohibited words and illegal words in advertisements

For the text content in the website picture, carry out intelligent AI detection, identify the picture text, carry out intelligent analysis detection + manual detection service

Download data from the whole site, detect prohibited words and illegal words in advertisements

Download and detect the content of the link download data in the website, data type: PDF, PPT, Word and other texts

Provide a complete test report with correction suggestions

Provide users with a complete detection report of prohibited and illegal words on the website, such as: 2,000 pages of website content corresponding to 2,000 pages of detection reports, 0 omissions, each web page will have a report

After the client approves the correction proposal, proceed to the website correction service

After approval by the user, we will correct the text, pictures, and downloaded data of the entire website

Applicable scope of detection and correction services for prohibited words in the new advertising law

Scope of application: corporate official website, brand official website, Minisite, micro official website, online magazine, etc.

For more new advertising law advertising prohibited word inspection, detection and correction services, please contact our customer service

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