Website maintenance, content operation and maintenance

After the website is built, if you want to operate it for a long time and make the enterprise website a sharp tool for obtaining sales leads, you need to carry out website maintenance on the enterprise website. Website maintenance is also very important. Only an SEO-type website that is constantly updated can be used. Businesses get sales leads.

Professional website maintenance company, website SEO hosting company: Infocode will tell you what specific content is needed for website maintenance

Infocode proposes a combination of website maintenance + website SEO optimization to maintain and operate your website more efficiently and make your corporate website a super seller.

Website maintenance company
Website maintenance company

Web server maintenance

The server system conducts regular security inspections to kill viruses, Trojans or website backdoor scripts and programs, and updates and installs patches in a timely manner.

Guarantee the response speed of the website to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the website throughout the day, to ensure the opening speed of the website (generally, the opening speed of the homepage is not less than 3 seconds), and to ensure that the website can be accessed normally within 24 hours a day

Website security maintenance

Website maintenance security: such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, text upload vulnerability detection, ddos, cc attack protection, CDN acceleration protection

Web site function detection, log analysis

Regularly check the website security settings and check the various functions of the website. Always pay attention to website security management, prevent the website from being invaded, check the various functions of the website, and check whether there is any problem with the link

Web site SEO keyword library expansion

Every month, there will be an expansion of the SEO keyword library, so that the company can accurately bring customer inquiries, such as adding 20 long-tail keywords for the customer industry every month

Website maintenance company
Website maintenance company

Website article publishing

According to the SEO keyword library customized for customers, New Mileage will publish targeted monthly optional gradients ranging from 30, 50, and 100 articles to maintain website content

Publishing of website friend links and external links

According to the relevant industry of the customer, Lanchang customizes the publishing work of monthly friend links and external links for customers

Monthly website maintenance report

Monthly reports include: traffic report, keyword ranking report, external link report, friend link report, etc.

For more information about corporate website maintenance + website SEO solutions, please contact the website maintenance company New Mileage Customer Service

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