• Shanghai WeChat Development Company: What are the benefits of WeChat public account development?

    The WeChat public platform is developed to express corporate information, services, activities and other contents through WeChat web pages. Users can generate WeChat 3G websites through simple settings. Display the corporate brand to WeChat users through the WeChat public platform, reduce publicity costs, establish one-to-one interaction and communication between the company and consumers, and connect consumers to the corporate CRM system for promotion, promotion, publicity, after-sales, etc. A mainstream online and offline WeChat interactive marketing method has been formed. New Mileage, a professional Shanghai WeChat development company, is here to…

  • What are the two attributes of blockchain technology?

    What are the two attributes of blockchain technology Since the birth of blockchain to the present, the application fields based on blockchain technology have also continued to increase. The popularization of blockchain makes it no longer limited to the professional field, but more open to the public, and it also brings a lot of help. Now let’s talk about two unique properties of blockchain. 1. Public chain – open to anyone, anyone can participate 1. The public chain can be read by all participating nodes and experience the entire process…

  • Blockchain: Core features of blockchain and classification of chains

    Compared with traditional networks, the core features of blockchain are decentralization and security. Blockchain is a chain composed of blocks connected together. Each block stores certain information and is connected in the order of the time of their respective generation. Each block contains the Hash value of the previous block to ensure the accuracy of the connection. The entire chain is stored in all nodes, and the servers in the system provide storage space and computing power support for the entire blockchain system. And any network node on the blockchain…

  • Shanghai Software Development Company – What should enterprises pay attention to when outsourcing the development of WeChat public accounts?

    WeChat is a social software used by more than 1 billion people. And a platform with 1 billion people is undoubtedly a very good marketing and promotion platform for companies and merchants from all walks of life. It is precisely because many companies are aware of this that they have entered WeChat and conducted marketing and promotion through WeChat official accounts and other tools. However, when many companies run public accounts, they find that the basic functions of the public account are too simple and cannot meet their marketing and…

  • Shanghai Public Account Development Company-How to choose an outsourcer for WeChat public account outsourcing development

    Today, technology is advancing, and people will pursue better technology products. At this stage, with the rise of major enterprises, various industries are springing up like mushrooms after a rain. In order to develop, many companies will establish their own WeChat official accounts. Whether it is an emerging company or a time-honored brand, the most basic thing is publicity, and you can find a WeChat public account outsourcer for help. Only by letting more people know about it can we have better reputation and management. With the advent of the…

  • What is a public blockchain? What functions and effects does it have?

    Blockchain can be divided into public chain, private chain and alliance chain according to the degree of decentralization. Public Blockchain, also known as “public chain”, refers to the consensus blockchain technology that everyone in the world can load, push transactions and obtain reasonable certainty. The public chain is completely blockchain technology. All data on the chain are fair and reasonable and cannot be changed. Anyone can load and write data through transactions, etc., and is suitable for virtual currency, Internet finance and other fields. Basic functions of the public chain:…

  • Four main types of decentralized or distributed blockchain networks

    Four main types of decentralized or distributed blockchain networks. Public Blockchain Network Public blockchains require no permissions and anyone can join them. All members of such a blockchain have equal access to read, edit, and verify the blockchain. Public blockchains are primarily used for exchanging and mining cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Private Blockchain Network An organization can control multiple private blockchains, also known as managed blockchains. The institution decides who can be a member and what permissions they have within the network. Private blockchains are only partially…

  • The development trend of blockchain WEB3.0

    WEB 3.0 is the next Internet era. We missed the PC Internet era and passed by the mobile Internet. Now is the best time to lay out WEB 3.0. So, how do ordinary people enter the market early and get the first pot of gold? After all, WEB 3.0 has entry barriers. Today we will talk about the basics of the basics, including basic knowledge about public chains, blockchains, and Bitcoin. This is the first step for us to swim in WEB 3.0. What ispublic chain and private chain? Public…

  • Basic knowledge of blockchain public chain

    The blockchain public chain refers to a blockchain that everyone can load, everyone can push transactions and the transaction can be reasonably confirmed, and everyone can participate in the whole process of consensusTechnology. The public chain adopts methods such as the proof of labor system (POW), the proof of interest system (POS), and the equity authorization proof system (DPOS), and integrates economic development rewards and data Encrypted data authentication merges and establishes a standard that the economic development rewards that everyone can obtain from this are positively related to the…

  • How to develop WeChat public platform

    The WeChat public platform is a development model based on the WeChat platform, which allows developers to develop their own applications through the WeChat platform to achieve the purpose of interacting with users. The WeChat public platform can be divided into three types: subscription account, service account and enterprise account. Each type has different functions and application scenarios. The following will introduce the development process and precautions of the WeChat public platform in detail. 1. WeChat public platform development process 1. Register a WeChat public platform account Before developing the…

  • What language is used for WeChat public platform development?

    WeChat public platform development mainly uses API development based on WeChat public platform. Developers can use multiple languages ​​for development, including Java, PHP, Python, Node.js, etc. Among these languages, Node.js and PHP are the most commonly used languages. Node.js is an open source server framework based on JavaScript. It can run on multiple operating systems, supports concurrent processing requests, and is suitable for building high-performance, scalable network applications. Node.js can use frameworks such as Express to simplify the development process, and can easily add new functional modules through the NPM…

  • What is the use of WeChat public developer account

    WeChat public developer account is an account for WeChat developers, which can help developers develop various applications on the WeChat platform, including Official Accounts, Mini Programs, Enterprise WeChat, WeChat Pay, etc. The following is a detailed description of the WeChat public developer account: 1. Official account can be developed The Official Account is a WeChat-based social media platform that allows users to follow various content on WeChat, such as news, entertainment, and life services. Developers can create their own official account through the WeChat public developer account, and publish various…

  • What does WeChat secondary development mean?

    WeChat secondary development refers to the secondary development of WeChat official account on the basis of the WeChat public platform, through the developer’s own technical means, to meet more personalized and professional needs. WeChat public platform is a public platform for enterprises and individuals. Through the WeChat public account, a series of operations such as public account management, custom menu, message management, material management, user management, and data statistics can be performed. However, these functions sometimes cannot fully meet the needs of enterprises or individuals, and secondary development is required…

  • How WeChat develops a public platform

    WeChat public platform is an interactive media platform provided by WeChat, which allows enterprises, organizations and individuals to publish information, interact and provide services on WeChat. The development of the public platform mainly refers to the secondary development based on the API interface, development documents and SDK provided by the WeChat public platform to realize the custom business logic. 1. Apply for a public platform account First, you need to register and apply for a public platform account. Open the official website of the WeChat public platform, follow the prompts…

  • How to develop WeChat public platform

    WeChat public platform is a platform that provides WeChat application services for enterprises, organizations and individuals. It can realize the creation, management and operation of WeChat public accounts through the WeChat public platform, and provide users with more convenient services. To develop a WeChat public platform, you first need to register a WeChat public platform account, and then create a public account. When creating an official account, you need to fill in the basic information of the official account, including the name of the official account, account type, authentication type,…