• When building a website, what are the directions for the layout design of the web page?

    When building a website, what are the directions for the layout design of the web page? For a website, the layout of the homepage of the website represents the appearance of the website and is an important source of people’s impressions of the company, brand, service, etc. In this era of “visual is king” “In the era of “, the initial impression determines whether the user will browse the content in the next step and finally produce consumption results through the website. It also determines whether the user will share…

  • Corporate website construction plan: How does a company develop a website? What is the website construction process?

    In the Internet era, it is obvious that websites are important to the development of enterprises, so websites have become important to modern enterprises. Today we will talk about enterprise website construction plans: How do enterprises develop websites, and what is the website construction process? Establish your own website target group When building a network, you must first establish a goal and ask yourself why I want to build this website and who I want to attract to visit this website. What do I want this website to look like?…

  • Shanghai Corporate Website Production Company: What is the role of a corporate website?

    The role of corporate website development is as a platform for companies to conduct online marketing and image promotion on the Internet. It is equivalent to the company’s online business card. It is not only a good publicity, but also assists the company’s sales. Enterprises can use corporate websites for publicity, product information release, recruitment, etc. We are a professional Shanghai corporate website production company. Today we will talk to you about the role of a corporate website? Corporate websites can enhance corporate image The corporate website is the business…

  • Shanghai Website Maintenance Company: What does website maintenance include and what does it mainly do?

    Why do you need website maintenance? A good website needs to update content regularly or irregularly in order to continue to attract more visitors and increase visits. Website maintenance is to ensure that your website can run stably on the Internet for a long time The professional Shanghai website maintenance company New Mileage Technology is here to talk to you about what website maintenance includes. What does website maintenance mainly do? Website maintenance includes a lot of content. In addition to uploading data and updating news, it also includes page…

  • Shanghai Micro Official Website Development Company: What should we pay attention to when designing and developing an enterprise micro website?

    Many companies and brands have developed microsites and microofficial websites. Responsive website development has been favored by companies and brands in recent years and is commonly used in the development and production of microofficial websites. The design and development of pages should be based on user behavior and device environment ( System platform, screen size, screen orientation, etc.) to respond and adjust accordingly. One website can handle the three terminals of PC/mobile phone/tablet, and can be used as both an enterprise official website and an enterprise micro-official website. The professional…

  • Website operation company: What are the specific work contents of website operation?

    Although some companies develop corporate websites, they do not have professionals engaged in website operations within the company. At this time, some companies will choose to operate the website on their behalf, and a professional website operation company will be responsible for it. For companies that are new to website operation, they still don’t know what work is included in this operation? We are a professional website agency operation company. Today, let’s talk to you about the specific work content of website agency operation? Website operation: Internet promotion It is…

  • Shanghai Website Production Company: What are the steps and processes for making a corporate website?

    In the era of rapid development of the Internet, company website construction has become a business card of the company on the Internet. Enterprises must build a corporate website of their own in order to gain a foothold in the Internet society. A new milestone for a professional Shanghai website production company. Today I will talk to you about Shanghai website production: What are the steps and processes of corporate website production? The first step in website creation: domain name registration Building a website requires at least a website address,…

  • Why do companies need to build websites? What are the benefits of having a website?

    In the era of rapid development of the Internet, company website construction has become a business card of the company on the Internet. Why do companies need to build their own corporate website? Why do companies need to build websites? What are the benefits of having a website? The corporate website is open to the entire network and displayed globally Approximately 1.5 billion users around the world are now connected to the Internet, and it will become even stronger in the future. By building a website, you can better showcase…

  • Brand official website development company: How to design to improve the user experience of the brand official website

    Brand official website development: The brand official website has functions such as “official news, word-of-mouth marketing, product display, and business contacts” and is an important exposure camp for major brands. A good user experience on a brand’s official website can not only make the website favored by search engines, but also highlight the brand image. New Mileage Information Technology, a professional brand official website design company, will talk to you about: brand official website development and design, how to design can improve the user experience of the brand official website…

  • Shanghai seo optimization and promotion: website SEO optimization, website operation, website content operation services

    Website SEO optimization refers to optimizing web pages by understanding how various search engines crawl Internet pages, how to index them, and how to determine their ranking of search results for a specific keyword, so as to improve search engine performance. Ranking, thereby increasing website traffic, and ultimately improving the website’s sales or promotional capabilities. New Mileage Technology is a professional Shanghai SEO optimization promotion, website SEO optimization, website content operation, and website operation service company. Its services include: Website SEO hosting_SEO optimization configuration content Robots crawler protocol creation Sitemap…

  • Website SEO optimization solutions

    Provide Shanghai SEO optimization_website SEO optimization_google optimization_Google seo_overseas seo optimization_foreign trade seo Optimization Determine website theme keywords According to the products and content of the corporate website, select reasonable keywords, and then analyze the selected keywords, mainly based on the degree of competition of the keywords, including the number of searches, use by competitors, etc. Based on this, determine the final theme target keywords of the website, usually three to five theme keywords. Properly plan the website title description keywords (TDK) For a website, after determining the keywords, it is…

  • How to carry out the overall planning of corporate website construction?

    How to make an overall plan for corporate website construction? What is website planning? It refers to the concept of overall website construction. Website layout design, function implementation, website construction goals, website content, website SEO optimization, etc. If there is no good planning before website construction, you will encounter many problems during the website construction ( without a central idea. Site construction must take user experience into consideration, so you need to plan well before building a website. 1. Construction goals: Both corporate and personal construction have clear goals. Whether…

  • Similarities and Differences between Website Development and Mini Program Development

    Configuration: domain name and server. Website development requires a domain name and server, and the domain name is an important entrance to the website. Therefore, some companies will spend a lot of money to purchase domain names or good servers. From the appearance of the mini program, it seems that no domain name is required. In fact, mini programs also require a domain name, but the domain name is not important and does not appear. Similarly, mini programs also need to purchase a server. Type: display type, transaction type From…

  • Two good ways to attract traffic to corporate websites

    What are the ways to attract traffic to corporate websites? You may not know what traffic is. The traffic of a website means that users can see the website open and browse on different platforms, and it brings more exposure opportunities to the website. Enterprises can find content that meets their needs. supplier. There are many ways to attract traffic to websites, some of which are not effective, some of which are average, and some of which are obvious. Share two ways to attract traffic, you can refer to it!…

  • What is a micro official website? How to develop a micro-official website?

    Everyone should have heard of PC websites and mobile websites, so what is a micro-official website? How to develop a micro-official website? The micro official website is a cross-platform marketing website that is effectively compatible with major operating systems such as iOS, android, and WP, ​​and can be easily linked to applications such as WeChat and Weibo. WeChat is actually equivalent to a browser. As long as the H5 mobile page is designed and produced, it can be accessed directly through WeChat. The micro-official website brings a new light marketing…