How do small programs make money in real life?

Since the emergence of mini programs, many companies have started Internet entrepreneurship through mini programs.

The emergence of shared products has made these companies the beneficiaries, such as shared bicycles and shared power banks that are commonly used in our lives. Some of these products are realized through small programs. When users use it, they can directly open the mini program and scan the code.

The reason why mini programs are so popular right now is because their advantages are very obvious, their experience is very good, users like them, and companies are profitable. Therefore, bosses who want to develop small programs must seize this opportunity and lay out and plan as early as possible.

How do small programs make money in real life?
Mini program

Mini programs have developed, and we must keep up. How do mini programs make money?

1. Develop online mall

Many companies choose to develop mini programs and will choose to build a mall. Enterprises only need to upload their products and services to the mini program and then promote them to attract users to purchase our products and services. In the end, we will be able to obtain conversions and profit.

2. Payment for knowledge

This type of mini program is suitable for training industries. We can make money by selling courses through mini programs.

3. Live delivery

It is to carry out live broadcast of your products through mini programs to boost product sales.

4. Online traffic

For traditional enterprise merchants, mini programs can combine offline stores with the mobile Internet. It can attract the attention of online users, guide them to store consumption, and increase store customer flow. And through the mini program, users can also make reservations, order and pay. The user experience is relatively good, which helps us increase sales.

5. Provide development services

There are many people who want to do small programs. For companies with technical conditions, they can form a team to develop small programs to help everyone develop small programs. This can not only help enterprises successfully achieve transfer and upgrade, but also make the small program development company itself profitable.

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