H5 development service

H5 development is the abbreviation of HTML5 development, and HTML5 refers to the fifth version of “HTML”. However, because HTML5 rules support events such as video, audio, and touch screen interaction far beyond the previous generation, H5 has gradually evolved into a dynamic page that can be displayed on the mobile terminal.

Advantages: simple development technology, short R&D cycle, low user contact cost; strong storytelling, strong sense of participation, and strong sociality.

H5 development
H5 development

What can H5 be used for?

The h5 page can be applied to the following scenarios:

1. HTML5 game development

For example, simple WeChat mini-games, playing airplanes, etc., as well as egret engine, cocos2d-js and so on.

2. Light application, Webapp, micro station

The website includes PC and mobile terminals, and the responsive website adapts to different terminals.

HTML5 development of mobile applications is more flexible. It is believed that light applications and WebApps using HTML5 technology will be more easily recognized and accepted by the public.

3. Development based on WeChat platform

WeChat opens JSSDK so that H5 developers can call the underlying functions to realize scan, card roll, WeChat payment, etc.

4. HTML5 mobile marketing

Gamification, sceneization, and cross-screen interaction, HTML5 technology perfectly satisfies the dreams of major advertisers. From form to function to communication, as long as you can think of it, you can’t do it without it.

Advantages of HTML5 in mobile marketing:

1) Attract users to take the initiative to share and help companies quickly attract fans Since it is a promotional H5 page, it means that H5 will more or less contain the company’s brand information, such as product information, corporate official account, corporate culture, etc. Wait, after the H5 pages with these contents are made into micro-flyers, every forwarding and sharing on the mobile terminal is equivalent to the promotion of corporate information, which can help companies easily stand out from the marketing force.

2) Increase the exposure of the company. In terms of dissemination, H5 pages are often more novel and interactive than traditional text and pictures, which greatly increases the chance of dissemination and sharing, especially with H5 page creation tools click to jump Function, users can jump to the corresponding link page by clicking on the brand or product element on the H5 page. This method can increase the exposure probability of enterprise information on the mobile terminal.

3) Enhance user activity and stickiness. The link to the H5 publicity page can be placed in the menu of the company’s official account, so that users can quickly browse to the company’s H5 publicity page as long as they are in the corresponding menu column of the official account. It can enhance user activity and stickiness.

5. WebVR popularizes virtual reality

WebVR uses HTML5 to embed virtual reality content into web pages, and giants such as Google and Facebook appreciate this feature very much.

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