Can applet development be done using applet templates?

Can applets be developed using applet templates?

The method of small program template making platform does not require high development costs, and can use funds for more daily operations. Generally, it only takes 1-3 days to go online successfully. For example, the way of small program templates really cannot meet the needs of enterprises. It is also a good choice to choose custom development or form a technical team.

If it is a relatively common and general industry, such as retail, e-commerce, wholesale, hotel, beauty industry, fresh food and other industries, if there are not many special needs, the way to choose a small program template production platform is the most popular among various development methods. An affordable and reliable way of development.

Can applet development be done using applet templates?
Small program development

Here is a detailed talk about how to use the small program template to quickly create and launch a small program:

1. Register a WeChat mini-program on the WeChat public platform and authenticate the mini-program. (If you have a certified official account, you can reuse the qualification of the official account to quickly create mini programs in a short time.)

2. Register an account on the mini program production platform, which has a lot of marketing functions, focusing on cost-effective products, and can also visually create your own templates.

3. Scan the code and submit the mini program to go online quickly.

The mini program relies on the WeChat platform and has a lot of traffic dividends. Through the small program, you can focus on the layout of core business elements such as stores, cashiers, logistics, marketing, membership, and data in the same city business district, creating a new way of socializing.

So, How to market through the mini program in the same city business district? Let’s introduce the functions of the applet:

1. Posting management, post classification and posting, setting top posts, benefits, page views, post details, limit posting, comment management, etc.

2. Points mall, purchase point products through the product list, set the classification of different products, and set whether to open points.

3. Video management, video classification, video settings.

4. Business information display, set the brand name and logo of the business, store address, map navigation, store information, store pictures, etc.

5. Announcement advertisements, announcements include homepage announcements, merchant page announcements, category page announcements, and advertisement management.

6. Marketing plug-ins, merchants settle in, open multiple cities, partners, red envelope benefits, carpooling, posting, etc.

7. Some other functions, such as product management, check-in, withdrawal settings, membership, multi-city management, system settings, etc.

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