• Is it better for companies to develop APPs? Or is it better to develop small programs?

    Is it better for companies to develop APPs? Or is it better to develop small programs? With the development of the times, the Internet has entered people’s daily lives, and the Internet has become a territory that many companies must occupy; for companies, it is to choose APP It is very difficult to decide whether to develop or develop small programs. After all, APPs or small programs each have their own advantages and disadvantages. So, should companies choose to develop APPs or small programs? We can make a comprehensive analysis…

  • When companies develop APPs, why do they need to combine e-commerce with short video live broadcasts?

    When companies develop APPs, why do they need to combine e-commerce with short video live broadcasts? In today’s society and today’s market, no matter which industry a company is in or in which form it promotes its brand/products, it needs to be on the Internet. Promotion; that is to say, for enterprises, the development and application of e-commerce APPs, or the development and application of short video and live broadcast APPs, have become the first choice for enterprise development or brand/product promotion. Nowadays, the practice of e-commerce + short video…

  • How much does it cost to develop a small program? How much does it cost to develop a mini program?

    Many businesses want to develop their own mini programs, and what they are most concerned about is the cost of developing a mini program. When searching online, how much does it cost to develop a mini program, and there is a variety of information. Next, choose a company to develop small programs, and the quotations vary widely. They can do it for as little as a few hundred yuan, and as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars. This also makes many businesses who want to develop small programs confused….

  • Develop small programs as early as possible

    Original title: Develop small programs as early as possible The search history of WeChat mini programs can make the mini programs rank higher. As long as you have searched for the full name of the keyword, you only need to enter the keyword next time, and the mini programs you have clicked will automatically be ranked first. It can be said to be a convenient service, so in advance Once the mini program is completed, users will have a better understanding of their products, which will make the ranking of…

  • Mini program development: How to develop an e-commerce mini program and what are its functions?

    Why develop a small program? As a new mobile Internet product, “WeChat Mini Program” has its own special charm. Mini Programs do not need to be installed or occupy the desktop. By registering an account on the WeChat official website, you can develop Mini Programs on the framework, which is faster than APP development. Much more convenient. Traditional retail requires not only a facade, but also careful decoration. Therefore, it is time-consuming, labor-intensive and expensive, which also discourages many people. In contrast, the new retail brought by mini-program e-commerce can…

  • To develop high-quality small programs, you need to know the following points:

    Original title: You need to be familiar with the following points to develop high-quality small programs As more and more companies develop mini programs, when subsequent companies develop mini programs, they think that they can create high-quality mini programs in order to surpass their peers and achieve more ideal results. Of course, it is not an easy task to develop high-quality small programs. Only if enterprises are familiar with the following points can they realize their wishes. Do a good job of user positioning Enterprises need to understand that only…

  • Can individuals develop and make small programs?

    Original title: Can individuals develop and make small programs? I believe everyone is familiar with small programs, but most people have no idea how to develop and produce small programs. Because the development and production of small programs requires a certain technical foundation, many people use outsourcing companies or third-party website building platforms to develop and produce them. Well, with the rapid development of technology now, the threshold for personal development has gradually been lowered, so it is not difficult for individuals to develop and produce small programs now. So…

  • Why develop Douyin mini program?

    Original title: Why develop Douyin mini program? With the rapid development of mini programs, many businesses have entered mini programs to expand online and offline customer sources and enhance their own brand image. As a light application attached to the APP, WeChat applet is the most familiar to users, so many merchants will use it as their first choice. With the development of mini programs, many platforms have launched their own mini programs, such as the Douyin platform. Although the mini programs of WeChat and Douyin have similar style interfaces,…

  • Which one is better, developing a mini program yourself or outsourcing a company to develop a mini program?

    Original title: Is it better to develop mini programs yourself or outsource the development of mini programs to a company? The development of mini programs is very popular now. The emergence of mini programs has brought more sales and promotion channels to enterprises. Many people want to develop mini programs, but they don’t know whether it is better to develop mini programs themselves or find an outsourcing company to develop mini programs. ? Now the editor will share with you the advantages and disadvantages of two different development methods. You…

  • Development mode: Several modes and differences of APP development

    For many small and medium-sized enterprises, if they want to develop an app, most of their choices are to find outsourcing companies for assistance. After all, it takes a lot of time, manpower, and money to set up a team to develop it. For small and medium-sized enterprises, it is difficult to build it by themselves. The cost of the team is too high, and the technical threshold for app development is actually very high. If you have a specialization in the industry, finding an outsourcing company to develop it…

  • How to develop WeChat Mini Programs by yourself

    WeChat applet is a lightweight application that can be used directly within WeChat without downloading and installing. It has the advantages of fast startup, simple interface, and strong interactivity, so it has been widely welcomed. If you want to develop a WeChat Mini Program by yourself, you can follow the steps below. 1. Register a developer account Register a developer account on the WeChat public platform and perform real-name authentication. Authentication needs to provide information such as ID card photo, mobile phone number, etc. After completion, the development authority of…

  • How to develop Mini Programs in WeChat

    WeChat Mini Program development is a very promising development method, which allows developers to quickly develop Mini Programs through the WeChat platform without cumbersome development processes. The following is a detailed introduction on how to develop small programs in WeChat. 1. Apply for a Mini Program account First, you need to apply for a Mini Program account through the WeChat public platform. Before applying, you need to register a WeChat official account, and then apply for the mini program in the background of the official account. 2. Understanding Mini Program…

  • How to develop WeChat well

    As one of the most popular social software in China, WeChat has a huge user base and a wide range of application scenarios. In today’s digital age, the development of WeChat is of great significance to both enterprises and individuals. Below, I will detail how to develop WeChat well. 1. Clear development goals Before developing WeChat, we need to clarify the development goals. Different goals require different development programs and technical means. For example, an enterprise developing WeChat may need to implement functions such as customer service, marketing promotion, and…

  • How else can WeChat develop

    With the development of mobile Internet, WeChat has become an indispensable part of people’s life. As a mobile social application, WeChat is not only a tool for chatting, but also a way of life. At the same time, the open platform of WeChat also provides many opportunities for developers to develop more applications on WeChat and enrich the user experience. Let’s take a look at how WeChat can develop. 1. WeChat applet WeChat Mini Program is a new development mode provided by WeChat for developers. It does not require users…

  • How to develop WeChat games

    WeChat Mini Game is a game that runs on the WeChat platform and can be accessed through WeChat Official Accounts or Mini Programs. Due to its relatively low development difficulty, extensive user groups, and fast dissemination speed, more and more developers have begun to pay attention to and try to develop WeChat mini-games. So, how to develop WeChat games? The following will introduce the development process and related technologies of WeChat Mini Games in detail. 1. Development preparation 1. Register a WeChat open platform account Register an account on the…