Is it better to buy a template directly or customize a small program?

Original title: Is it better to just buy a template or customize a small program?

Nowadays, when many businesses consult about software, they ask whether it is better to develop small programs using templates or customized development?

The editor thinks that we must first determine the type of small program you want to develop. If you cannot even determine the content of the small program to be developed, how can you talk about development.

Is it better to buy a template directly or customize a mini program?

Secondly, depending on the content you want the mini program to present, decide whether a template or customized development is better?

If you just use it for fun or follow the trend, and no one will operate it after you finish it, the template is enough. But if it involves many security issues, and at the same time, the content involved in the mini program can also be realized by many templates, but if you still want it later, For secondary development, it is recommended to do customized development.

Template applet: There is no copyright, the functions are the same, and the update iteration time is long.

Customized mini program: You can apply for your own copyright, and the functions can be customized according to your own needs. There is a one-time fee, and updates and iterations are based on the user’s needs, such as adding a function or something. The disadvantage is that the price is higher than the template.

Is it better to buy a template directly or customize a mini program?

How should a small company run a small program if it doesn’t have many people and doesn’t want to spend too much money?

1. Get a group and send your mini program to the group and ask people in the group to split it for you.

2. Send your mini program to Moments. This function is not available if people who have made mini programs before have not developed this function. The function of sending mini programs to Moments needs to be developed separately.

3. Send your mini program QR code to post bars, websites that publish information, or your official website. You can also ask customers to find you by scanning the QR code.

4. There is also the distribution of flyers, that is, local promotion and copying the QR code of your mini program onto the flyers.

5. You can also place a billboard in the store and add your mini program QR code.

6. You can put your QR code on the underground garage, the car, or on your business card. It doesn’t cost too much. If your mini program has enough traffic, you can also be the traffic master, and others can also use it on your mini program. If you advertise in the program, you will also get corresponding benefits.

Is it better to buy a template directly or customize a mini program?

If you spend money on advertising, it will cost money. If you don’t know how effective it will be, it will cost a lot of money.

(1) WeChat Moments Advertisement

(2)WeChat video advertising

(3) Advertisements in WeChat mini programs

(4) Elevator advertising

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