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Corporate news distribution can bring promotion and brand influence to the corporate brand. More and more companies attach great importance to news marketing. Shanghai Lanchang Information Technology has rich experience in publishing press releases and provides press releases Ghostwriting and press release publishing services for major portal websites

Today, I will talk to you about how the company can promote the release of press releases, and send out corporate press releases on behalf of

Corporate press release on behalf of
Corporate press release on behalf of

Enterprise press release generation: press release content planning

The quality of content planning will affect the experience of the article. Readers will finish reading a good press release, or even read it several times for aftertaste. However, for an article with poor content quality, readers may close it after opening it. This forms a Bounce rate, search engines will judge the quality of press releases based on people’s reading time and bounce rate, so we can plan the content that readers are willing to read, which is the premise of a good ranking.

Enterprise press release distribution: press release title planning

The title of the press release is the eyes of the press release. This must be tempered, don’t be a headline party, it must be really tempered, so that it can really make an effect and achieve the top page ranking of the search engine. The so-called ranking is based on keywords. If you don’t have the keyword in your article, the press release will definitely not come out when you search for this keyword, and the keyword that appears in the title will be higher when you search.

Corporate press release distribution: media selection for press release

Let’s imagine, if gold is buried in a deep dung heap, the luster of gold is difficult to be found. This is like a news release with excellent content planning, and it is the same reason that it will not rank well if it is sent to a spam website or a personal website. Therefore, if we want the press release to rank well, we must choose a good news media platform. This is good because it is famous, and it is not on the homepage. First of all, the media itself must be the media included in the search engine, preferably the media included in the news source, and then publish it on the content-related section, so that more people will visit it.

Several suggestions for corporate news promotion:

1. The title should be attractive 2. The typesetting is easy to read, and the text and visual content are attractive 3. The advertising content in the form of soft text naturally blends in

Corporate press release promotion release media resource introduction:

Corporate Press Release Promotion
Corporate Press Release Promotion

Commonly used to cover more than 500 Internet media Among them, Tencent, Sina, Sohu , Netease and other large portals and many industry portals have established good cooperative relations, and can issue press releases, soft articles, etc.

Owns more than 200 self-media resources, many well-known Weibo and Wechat tuba has established a close cooperative relationship, and can post soft articles for promotion at any time

Have more than 5000 site cooperation resources, related forums and websites, etc. Chain friend chain resources

Enterprise Press release promotion consultation

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