What are the main considerations when companies develop small programs?

Original title: What are the main priorities for companies to develop small programs?

As of 2021, I believe it is not difficult to find that many well-known companies have developed small programs, and now it is not just an official website that can meet the service needs of online users. Therefore, many companies have begun to choose to develop small programs. Expand online service channels, but many companies blindly develop small programs because they do not understand them, which can be said to be “harmful and unprofitable”. So what are the main priorities of large and well-known companies when they choose to develop small programs?

What do companies mainly focus on when developing small programs?

1. Value future users

Why do you say that? Although major Internet platforms have gradually begun the “mini program era”, they have not had a major impact on Tencent’s WeChat mini programs. The most critical reason why companies choose to develop mini programs is the potential increase in the number of users in the future. Trend, for the Internet market, after all, the number of users equals “basic measures”, so based on the number of users, there is also a larger potential market.

2. Pay attention to future marketing models

Huashang believes that although the brand influence of well-known enterprises can make marketing transformation “double the result with half the effort”, in the existing marketing model, choosing to develop small programs is more to increase the diversity of marketing, and at the same time, it can Reducing expenses will undoubtedly “increase” the conversion of online promotion activities for enterprises, and it is now a breakthrough for obtaining public domain traffic.

3. Pay attention to solving the shortcomings of the industry

Many companies have various industry drawbacks that cannot be solved in their existing operating models. For many industries, choosing to develop small programs can solve the drawbacks that cannot be solved and exist in the current traditional operating models, and at the same time allow Its own business is extensible, which not only improves service quality but also increases turnover. This is also an important influencing factor why so many well-known companies have settled in mini programs.

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