• The advantages of WeChat public account development for enterprises

    WeChat official account is a marketing and promotion platform used by many companies. In the process of operating official accounts, many companies will conduct secondary development on the original basis. So what are the benefits of developing WeChat official accounts? 1. Can be used as a mobile marketing platform for enterprises: After the WeChat official account is developed, it can have micro-activities, micro-offers and other activities. Users only need to open the official account and click to find the latest discounts and activities of the enterprise. For enterprises, this function…

  • The difference between WeChat public account development and mini program development

    When many customers inquire about development projects, they will hesitate between developing a small program or a public account. At the same time, for the two major products in WeChat, should they develop a public account or a small program? What’s the difference between them? 1. Different positioning: Mini Program is an application launched by WeChat that does not require downloading and installation. It relies on WeChat big data as the background. Mini Program is oriented to products and services, mainly functional services, and is committed to creating online and…

  • How to use and operate the video account mini program

    How to use the video account applet? How to divert traffic? Since the popularity of “short video” became popular, basically men, women, old and young today will watch videos to obtain information content. Tencent has also begun to take action in this regard, creating a “video account” to make its functions more perfect and in the future In a few years, it is believed that the user traffic brought by video accounts to mini programs will become the main “traffic pool”. So how to use video accounts mini programs? How…

  • What is the meaning of WeChat video? What is the use of this video account?

    What is the meaning of WeChat video? What is the use of this video account? Currently, the video account is in the internal testing stage, and the first batch has been opened to “certainly influential” media, mainly in the Guangzhou and Shenzhen areas. Of course, those who are not invited to activate it can also actively apply to activate it. A WeChat account can create a video account. It is recommended that companies or institutions use non-private WeChat accounts to open it. The WeChat team further introduced that currently, after…

  • How much does it cost to develop a WeChat public account?

    WeChat public account development WeChat public accounts are generally divided into graphic introductions, built-in functional modules, and large-scale functional public accounts. Opening a WeChat official account requires a certification fee of 300 yuan, which is paid once a year, but why am I talking about how much it costs to develop a WeChat official account now? I don’t know if you have noticed that one is “activation” and the other is “development”. It costs 300 yuan to open a WeChat public account, and what I am talking about now is…

  • Shanghai Public Account Development Company-How to choose an outsourcer for WeChat public account outsourcing development

    Today, technology is advancing, and people will pursue better technology products. At this stage, with the rise of major enterprises, various industries are springing up like mushrooms after a rain. In order to develop, many companies will establish their own WeChat official accounts. Whether it is an emerging company or a time-honored brand, the most basic thing is publicity, and you can find a WeChat public account outsourcer for help. Only by letting more people know about it can we have better reputation and management. With the advent of the…

  • What are the benefits of choosing outsourced development for the development of WeChat public accounts?

    The WeChat official account is one of the “tools” that many companies will use when marketing and promoting on the WeChat platform. When many companies operate official accounts, they often have secondary development needs because their basic functions are too simple to meet the needs of marketing and promotion. Now, when many companies develop WeChat official accounts, they will have such questions: Is it better to build a WeChat official account by building a team or directly outsourcing it to a professional development service provider? For small and medium-sized enterprises…

  • Official account development company: What are the functions of WeChat official account development?

    The WeChat official account will have some functions, but only some basic and simple functions, which cannot meet the needs of most companies and brands. In order to use the WeChat channel to vigorously promote marketing, in fact, it is necessary to develop more functions, and there is a WeChat official account. Creation of a development company New Mileage is a professional official account development company. Today, I will talk to you about the function development of WeChat official account. For more information about WeChat official account development, please contact…

  • What is the secondary development of WeChat official account

    WeChat official account is a very popular mobile Internet application, which provides users with many conveniences, such as chatting with friends, receiving news information, viewing official account, etc. anytime and anywhere. The secondary development of WeChat Official Accounts refers to the secondary development of Official Accounts by using the interfaces and tools provided by the WeChat Official Account Developer Platform to increase its functions and user experience. The specific content of the secondary development of the WeChat official account includes the following aspects: 1. Custom menu WeChat official account secondary…

  • What is WeChat Official Account Platform Development

    WeChat official account platform development refers to the development of applications suitable for WeChat official account through the development interface and tools provided by the WeChat official account platform. WeChat official account is a special account on the WeChat platform, which can provide information release, customer service, marketing promotion and other functions for enterprises, individuals or organizations. It is a very important social media marketing tool. The purpose of WeChat official account platform development is to better meet the needs of enterprises and users, and improve the efficiency and quality…

  • What is the use of WeChat public developer account

    WeChat public developer account is an account for WeChat developers, which can help developers develop various applications on the WeChat platform, including Official Accounts, Mini Programs, Enterprise WeChat, WeChat Pay, etc. The following is a detailed description of the WeChat public developer account: 1. Official account can be developed The Official Account is a WeChat-based social media platform that allows users to follow various content on WeChat, such as news, entertainment, and life services. Developers can create their own official account through the WeChat public developer account, and publish various…

  • What is the use of WeChat developer account?

    WeChat developer account refers to an account registered on the WeChat official platform, which is used to develop and manage WeChat official accounts, mini programs and other applications. Its functions are mainly reflected in the following aspects: 1. Create and manage WeChat official account WeChat developer accounts can create and manage WeChat official accounts, including subscription accounts, service accounts and enterprise accounts. Through the WeChat official account, enterprises can provide users with high-quality services, improve brand awareness and user stickiness. 2. Create and manage applets WeChat developer accounts can also…

  • What is the WeChat official account development server url?

    WeChat official account development server url refers to the server address configured in the background of the official account, which is used to receive messages and event requests sent by the WeChat server, and to process and reply accordingly. When developing the background of the official account, you need to configure the server first, and fill in the server url address in the corresponding configuration item. After the WeChat server receives the message or event sent by the user, it will send the relevant information to the developer server through…

  • How to develop a WeChat public account applet

    WeChat official account applet is a lightweight application based on WeChat official account, which can be used directly in WeChat without downloading and installing. Small programs have the characteristics of complete functions, simple interface, fast response, etc., and are favored by more and more enterprises and individuals. Below, we will introduce in detail how to develop WeChat official account mini-programs. 1. Register a WeChat applet account First, we need to register a developer account. Open the WeChat public platform, click the “Mini Program” menu, enter the mini program development page,…

  • How to develop WeChat public

    WeChat Official Account is a social media application based on the WeChat platform, which can provide businesses, organizations, and individuals with functions such as online promotion and customer service. WeChat official account development is mainly divided into four steps: registration, development, release and promotion. The following is a detailed description: 1. Registration < /p> 1. Download the WeChat public platform APP, register an account and log in. 2. Select the type of official account, and fill in the basic information according to the prompts, including official account name, account type,…