WeChat small store target users

WeChat store target users

As we have mentioned before, WeChat recently launched the WeChat Mini Store tool for internal testing. Merchants can apply for free entry, and small stores temporarily have common functions of e-commerce, as well as the recently popular live broadcast function. So for WeChat small stores, who are its target users?

WeChat small store target users
WeChat development

Before WeChat Small Store, WeChat e-commerce mainly consisted of third-party e-commerce platforms such as Suning, JD.com, and Meituan, and some merchants in the supermarket, catering and fresh food industries, including small and medium-sized merchants such as Youzan and Weimeng. However, this all requires a certain cost, and the current WeChat store is a free official tool. Compared with the previous WeChat store based on public accounts, it also has access to the offline store system. In addition to the 0.6% transaction fee, WeChat Mini Store has no other related fees and can be called a free universal solution for the retail industry.

The biggest benefit of the launch of WeChat small stores is that private domain traffic owners such as communities can obtain greater benefits by opening their own stores. However, local retail merchants, especially small and medium-sized businesses, have a limited scope of services and generally only need basic functions. Moreover, the modular design makes it easy to learn and easy to operate for these small store users, and does not require professional personnel. That’s it. In fact, many small and medium-sized merchants have already settled in Ele.me and Meituan for this kind of service, but they need to pay a certain commission on the platform. At a time when offline retail business competition is very fierce, WeChat small stores do not need to charge merchants commissions. For merchants, the cost is The decrease also means an increase in net profit margin, and an increase in net profit by one or two percentage points is of great significance to merchants. The biggest potential rival of Alipay and Meituan in the future may be the humble WeChat store.

The rise of WeChat small stores is also suitable for micro-business. Currently, as long as you have a business license of an enterprise or a self-employed person, you can apply for a WeChat small store, and personal functions will be developed in the future. This is very convenient for micro-businesses selling goods on WeChat. Moreover, after settling in, WeChat small stores will standardize management, which also makes buyers more assured of the source and quality of WeChat business products.

In the past time, WeChat mini program e-commerce has grown rapidly. In the future, whether WeChat mini stores can attract more community users and small and medium-sized businesses may be something that the development of New Lingshou can focus on.

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