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  • Shanghai WeChat Development Company: What are the benefits of WeChat public account development?

    The WeChat public platform is developed to express corporate information, services, activities and other contents through WeChat web pages. Users can generate WeChat 3G websites through simple settings. Display the corporate brand to WeChat users through the WeChat public platform, reduce publicity costs, establish one-to-one interaction and communication between the company and consumers, and connect consumers to the corporate CRM system for promotion, promotion, publicity, after-sales, etc. A mainstream online and offline WeChat interactive marketing method has been formed. New Mileage, a professional Shanghai WeChat development company, is here to…

  • WeChat distribution system development: What are the distribution forms of the WeChat distribution platform?

    WeChat Distribution System is a distribution mall based on the WeChat official account. The market on WeChat is huge. The WeChat distribution system can achieve overtaking in corners, quickly establish a brand and sell products. WeChat distribution system In the context of social e-commerce, the micro distribution system platform is developed based on WeChat and specifically provides merchants and enterprises with online and offline integrated malls, chain store malls, and WeChat distribution platforms to help merchants increase sales and quickly connect users and Pink converts to distributor. New Mileage Technology…

  • How to use the WeChat pat function? What’s the use of taking a photo on WeChat? What is the function?

    What is the use of WeChat’s “Clap” function What’s the point of taking a photo on WeChat? what’s the function? In fact, when we see this, it is like the QQ window shaking. Some friends have sent us messages or files, but we have not responded, so they shake us. As a reminder, the same message is actually sent to WeChat. For example, if you send a message or file to the other party and there is no reply, you can take a picture of your friend as a reminder….

  • WeChat secondary development_micro website development_WeChat mall development_WeChat event page development

    The secondary development of WeChat is actually to build some sections that you need on WeChat, but these sections did not exist before. The WeChat team leaves a piece of reclaimed land for users, which is the secondary development of WeChat. For example, functions such as the big carousel and scratch-off tickets are also secondary development. WeChat secondary development is a marketing artifact of WeChat marketing. By developing some interactive functions, we can promote customer stickiness and communicate with customers one-on-one to understand their most real needs. New Mileage Client…

  • Development requirements for enterprise WeChat applet

    Original title: Development Requirements for Enterprise WeChat Mini Programs Before developing enterprise mini programs, developers must first clarify the development requirements. Only after clarifying the development requirements can developers really do a good job in development. Let me introduce to you the development requirements for enterprise WeChat mini programs. What. What are the development requirements for enterprise WeChat mini programs? After summarizing, the editor found that the development requirements that enterprise WeChat applet needs to meet mainly include the following three: 1. Fully functional Full functionality is one of the…

  • What is the development process of WeChat mini program?

    Original title: What is the development process of WeChat mini programs? Most customers don’t know much about the process of WeChat mini program development, and sometimes they encounter some unpleasant problems, such as rushing progress or blaming developers. Today, from the perspective of Langzhichao, a WeChat mini program development company, we will answer the questions about the mini program development process and related costs in detail. What are the conditions for developing WeChat mini programs? 1. Mobile phone number, email address, business license or certified WeChat official account. 2. If…

  • Things to note when developing custom mini programs

    Original title: Things to note when developing customized mini programs With its small size, no installation required, and the widespread use of WeChat, WeChat mini programs have gained a good ecological environment. Its “small and light” characteristics represent, to some extent, the future development of Internet apps. Trend, as the hottest application nowadays, mini programs have attracted a large number of users, developers and merchants. Developers from enterprises, governments, media, other organizations or individuals have applied to register mini programs. In the past two years of development, it has formed…

  • What issues should you pay attention to when operating a mini program after it is developed?

    Original title: What issues should be paid attention to when operating a mini program after it is developed Many companies now want to develop their own WeChat mini-programs, and some companies already have their own WeChat mini-programs. However, the mini-program is a product. Although it is possible to obtain some traffic through WeChat, they are in the minority after all and are mainly used in the later stage. The operation also depends on the later operations. Some companies do not know how to operate mini programs, and some violations occur…

  • Basic elements of WeChat mini program development

    Original title: Zhengzhou WeChat Mini Program Development – You need to know these basic factors for mini program development WeChat Mini Program Development-You need to know these basic factors for mini program development. There are many WeChat mini program development models. In order to save development time and costs, many investors will look for relevant WeChat mini program production templates online. Although these templates are easy to apply and the price is low. So what factors do you need to know to customize WeChat mini programs? WeChat Mini Program Development…

  • The advantages of WeChat public account development for enterprises

    WeChat official account is a marketing and promotion platform used by many companies. In the process of operating official accounts, many companies will conduct secondary development on the original basis. So what are the benefits of developing WeChat official accounts? 1. Can be used as a mobile marketing platform for enterprises: After the WeChat official account is developed, it can have micro-activities, micro-offers and other activities. Users only need to open the official account and click to find the latest discounts and activities of the enterprise. For enterprises, this function…

  • How do individuals create WeChat mini programs?

    Now is the era of mobile Internet, and many traditional stores or personal marketing have turned to Internet marketing. Many companies want to get on the fast train of the Internet. The development trend of micro-business in recent years. That’s a good example. At this stage, the mini program mall is in full swing again. Therefore, many people will want to create a WeChat applet. But I am not very familiar with the process of making small programs. The structural components of a complete WeChat mini program: the mini program’s…

  • How can catering applets gradually break through the takeout fortress?

    Original title: Catering app is gradually breaking through the takeout fortress? Develop WeChat mini programs to help enterprise development Since entering 2021, due to the repeated impact of the epidemic, the catering industry is now facing the reality that stores will not be able to operate normally in the short term, and dine-in customer flow will also be greatly affected by the epidemic in the long term. When the operation of physical catering stores is hindered, how to find a way out of the current epidemic? During the epidemic, citizens’…

  • What should you pay attention to when making and developing WeChat mini programs?

    What should you pay attention to when making and developing WeChat mini programs? 1. The first thing is to understand the background and business of the development company Consider the qualifications of the development company, the strength of the technical team, and whether there is experience in developing software products. Don’t easily believe that a small team of three or five people can quickly build a small program. Some copy other people’s code, and if a bug occurs, they cannot quickly locate the problem. Of course, this cannot be generalized….

  • Is there still a market for enterprise development of small programs?

    Original title: Is there still a market for enterprise development of small programs? With the rapid development of the Internet, small programs have emerged in endlessly. Today, when the market seems to be saturated, many companies or entrepreneurs can’t help but wonder, is there still a market for developing small programs? According to Tencent’s financial report for the first quarter of 2020, the number of daily active users of mini programs has exceeded 400 million! Therefore, it can be seen from the data that mini programs are widely used, and…

  • What homework should be done before developing WeChat mini programs?

    Original title: What homework should be done before developing WeChat mini programs? The emergence of WeChat mini programs has greatly affected the amount of app development. Mini program development is completed directly on WeChat, which brings great challenges to native app development. In contrast, the advantages of mini program development are very obvious. So what homework should be done before developing WeChat mini programs? Familiar with the basic framework Because the current mainstream small program development language is Swift, vuex and vue-router are mostly used in vuejs projects. It is…