What impact does developing small programs have on the development of enterprises?

Original title: What impact does developing small programs have on the development of enterprises

Since the WeChat mini program was launched, more and more companies have developed their own mini programs. According to statistics, the number of mini programs has now reached one million.

No, but the number is still small, because there are still some companies that are on the sidelines about mini programs, and are always worried that the effects of developing WeChat mini programs will not be good.

The editor here tells you that the mini program is just a tool. Whether the mini program can bring profits to the company mainly depends on how it is operated in the later stage. If the operation work is carried out

If it goes smoothly, the mini program will produce good results.

What impact does developing small programs have on the development of enterprises

Is it necessary for enterprises to develop small programs?

The editor here tells you that today is the era of mobile Internet. Work in many industries does not require a computer at all, but it does require WeChat. WeChat Xiaocheng

The program is closer to users, simpler and more convenient to use, does not require downloading and installation, does not occupy mobile phone memory, and is more convenient for promotion. This is the ideal way to develop WeChat mini-programs.

The first advantage of the program.

What impact does developing small programs have on the development of enterprises

The second advantage of developing WeChat mini programs is that the development cost is relatively low. I believe that many companies want to develop their own mobile applications, which makes it easier and more convenient to manage business through mobile phones. But if you want to develop a mini program The cost is only a few thousand to tens of thousands, but if you develop an app, the cost is tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, and the cost of an app with complex requirements is more than hundreds of thousands, so compared with apps, small programs The development costs are relatively low, and the emergence of small programs has given many companies that develop mobile applications a new direction.

Nowadays, everyone’s mobile phones are smart phones. The advantage of smart phones is that they can install many mobile applications, so that the mobile phones can achieve more functions. This is the benefit of smart phones, but when too many applications are installed on the mobile phone, it will become It was very laggy, but now the emergence of small programs has solved this problem. Because small programs do not occupy mobile phone memory, users also like to use small programs. This is the advantage of enterprises developing small programs.

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