• Online booking system

    Online booking and check-in solution Online Booking Solution Mini Program Online Reservation System H5 Online Reservation System We have mature online booking system products and solutions: appointment creation, channel analysis, event booking, mobile phone number SMS verification, WeChat payment, event notification, scan code sign-in, CRM system docking, background reports, browsing data analysis statistics, etc. One-stop service Online reservations are more flexible Merchants can choose between paid and free booking modes to create activities flexibly. Booking + payment + check-in should be made for conference reservations, catering reservations, hospital reservations, business…

  • Website SEO optimization solutions

    Provide Shanghai SEO optimization_website SEO optimization_google optimization_Google seo_overseas seo optimization_foreign trade seo Optimization Determine website theme keywords According to the products and content of the corporate website, select reasonable keywords, and then analyze the selected keywords, mainly based on the degree of competition of the keywords, including the number of searches, use by competitors, etc. Based on this, determine the final theme target keywords of the website, usually three to five theme keywords. Properly plan the website title description keywords (TDK) For a website, after determining the keywords, it is…

  • Cost components of online marketing custom development APP

    Components of custom app development With the rapid development of the Internet, APP custom development has not only become more and more dependent on users, but has also become the main business of online marketing companies. For major enterprises, the development of APP has become an inevitable trend, especially the customized development of APP, which is the best tool to establish a good image for the enterprise. So how much does it cost to develop a custom APP? Generally speaking, the cost of custom development of APP consists of the…

  • The development of live streaming marketing methods to help the development of goods delivery apps

    How to get traffic when developing a live streaming app? Due to the epidemic, the online live broadcast industry has become popular, and merchants have used various methods to attract consumers’ attention, allowing merchants to see the value behind live broadcasts to bring goods, and also allowing consumers to accept this new marketing communication method. The development of live streaming app development in the target market is also diverse. The development and changes of live video streaming app development, its traffic is the most important. In the past, the customer…

  • What basic functions are needed to develop a zodiac chat APP?

    Sharing of basic functional solutions for zodiac chat APP development Do you believe in horoscopes? Does anyone around you believe in horoscopes? Although horoscopes have no scientific basis, they are more interesting and curious. Nowadays, many young people also like to study some horoscope knowledge and analyze each other’s personality characteristics through horoscopes. So what are the basic functions required to develop a horoscope chat APP? 1. Detailed explanation of constellations: Users can see a detailed introduction of each constellation here and understand the constellations more clearly. 2. Horoscope: Understand…

  • What functions does developing a life record APP have?

    With the rapid development of social economy, the pace of people’s lives is also accelerating. Many people hope to record the beautiful moments in life within their capabilities. In order to provide users with convenience, the development of life record APP appears in people’s lives. Users are on the platform You can select your favorite recording method to complete the recording operation, allowing users to recognize the beautiful moments in their lives. 1. So today we will briefly analyze the necessity of life record APP development. 1. Convenience for users…

  • What are the main functions of e-commerce ERP system development? How much does that cost?

    In recent years, e-commerce software has emerged one after another, which not only facilitates users to purchase goods online, but also promotes the development of the offline industry. For online stores, operating stores often requires certain auxiliary tools, so the development of e-commerce ERP systems has emerged. In people’s lives, it is convenient for merchants to manage product inventory online, and they can also plan product purchase targets based on product sales, bringing convenience to people’s lives. 1. What are the main functions of e-commerce ERP system development? 1. Product…

  • What is the difference between small program and app development?

    What is the difference between small programs and app development! Comparison between mini program and APP development? Comparison of development cycles, the development cycle of mini-applications is shorter than that of APPs, because mini-programs are based on WeChat platform, payment lightweight app platform and Douyin platform APP applications, which have their own development specifications, so they are different from native ones. APP development cycle is shorter. Comparison between small program and APP development? Comparison of development cycles, the development cycle of mini-applications is shorter than that of APPs, because mini-programs…

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  • What are the two attributes of blockchain technology?

    What are the two attributes of blockchain technology Since the birth of blockchain to the present, the application fields based on blockchain technology have also continued to increase. The popularization of blockchain makes it no longer limited to the professional field, but more open to the public, and it also brings a lot of help. Now let’s talk about two unique properties of blockchain. 1. Public chain – open to anyone, anyone can participate 1. The public chain can be read by all participating nodes and experience the entire process…

  • What are the values ​​and functions of purchasing, selling and inventory system development?

    Due to the continuous development of the Internet, many offline industries have completed their transformation and upgrading online. Therefore, many people in life will choose to invest in the commodity production market. During the production and operation of enterprises, processes such as import and export, wholesale sales, and material payment are often required. The traditional business methods can no longer meet the needs of contemporary enterprises, so the development of purchase, sale and inventory systems came into being to facilitate users to complete relevant work steps online. 1. So what…

  • Three important opportunities that mini program development brings to enterprises

    Mini programs have exploded more than two years after they were officially launched. Now many companies have developed their own mini programs, hoping to obtain more traffic dividends, but there are still some companies that do not understand the value of mini programs. Still on the sidelines. Let me introduce to you three important opportunities that small program development can bring to enterprises. 1. Relying on WeChat’s powerful functional system to enable enterprises to achieve better marketing effects After the mini program is developed, marketing and promotion work needs to…

  • Community group buying APP development and solutions

    At the Internet Conference, five new trends in my country’s future economy were proposed: new retail, new manufacturing, new finance, new technology and new energy. Among them, the new retail economy is currently developing relatively hotly. The development of community group buying APP can help companies better improve customer acquisition efficiency and reduce customer acquisition costs, so it has also been sought after by many merchants and continues to improve and progress in social development. Community group buying APP development and solutions 1. Product management: The platform can manage products,…

  • What are the functions of smart rental APP development?

    For most friends, when they first started working, they did not have sufficient funds, so they were under pressure to rent a house by depositing two and paying one. If a stress-free rental method can be implemented, the pain points of these users can be solved and convenient rental services can be provided. What are the functions of smart rental APP development? 1. Registration and login: Users have their own account through account registration, and then use the account to provide rental services. You can register a new account through…

  • Tourism B&B APP development solutions

    In today’s fast-paced life, many young people choose self-driving tours, budget travel, etc. to relax themselves. While traveling, everyone likes to eat farm food and stay in B&Bs. So what are the functions of B&B APP development? Today I will explain to you the solution for B&B APP development. 1. B&B room display: The platform will display various popular B&B rooms for users. If users have needs, they can also find their favorite B&B rooms based on B&B type, geographical location and other classification function columns, and the platform will…

  • What are the advantages of driving APP software development and what functions should it have?

    The Internet continues to develop, and many APP software appear in people’s lives. As the pace of people’s lives continues to accelerate, many people’s work inevitably requires socializing, which is very inconvenient for car owners. In order to provide convenience to people’s lives, driving APP software development Appearing in people’s lives, users can find a driver online and no longer have to worry about being unable to drive after drinking. 1. Advantages of driving APP software development 1. It is convenient for people to find a driver online: With the…