Functions of mall applet development

Original title: Functions of mall applet development

Mini Program Mall has huge business opportunity potential and unique commercial advantages. It has always been favored by the majority of merchants, and more and more merchants are investing in the development of Mini Program Mall.

But before development, it is necessary to determine what functions are needed to ensure that the development work can proceed smoothly.

So, what are the main functions of mall mini programs?

Function of mall applet development

1. Picture display function

Generally, there is a banner picture display at the top of websites, mini programs, and APPs. Multiple pictures can be displayed for display, such as recommended products, promotional information, popular products, etc.

2. Product display function

Merchants can use videos, pictures and texts to introduce products, and users can better understand the specific conditions of the products through videos, pictures and texts.

3. Product list function

The product list is very important for users. Users can search by type according to the type of products they like, and can quickly and easily find the products they want.

4. Shopping cart order placing function

Users browse products online and when they find something they like, they can put the product into the shopping cart and place an order.

5. Product evaluation function

After purchasing a product, users can evaluate it based on the specific situation, which will help other users understand the true information about the product.

6. Event promotion module function

Merchants can use coupons, instant grabs, group buying, distribution, red envelope splitting, red envelope sharing, shopping cashback and other promotional activities to attract more customers and thereby increase sales.

7. Friend recommendation function

Users can use their own promotion QR code to share it with more friends, which allows more users to help merchants promote, which not only reduces publicity and promotion costs, but also brings more customers.

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