• Shanghai software development-What should you pay attention to in APP software outsourcing development?

    A company wants to develop an APP and form its own team. The team needs to be adjusted, which is costly and takes a long time. If it is a start-up project, most companies will find outsourcing companies to develop APPs, which is a wiser choice. There are many reliable software development companies in Shanghai, and there are also many unreliable ones. Here are some criteria for judging. 1. APP outsourcing development should pay attention to the quotation process A formal software outsourcing service provider will sort out the customer’s…

  • Shanghai Software Development-Xinli Information’s experience in APP outsourcing

    Xinli Information Technology combines its many years of software development experience and Internet development experience to talk about the things to pay attention to when looking for APP developers: 1. Company size of outsourcing company The outsourcing industry is not a new industry. There have been such companies since the beginning of software. Therefore, companies in this industry are not entrepreneurial companies with relatively high risks, and their technical content is not high. In this case, if the scale of the outsourcing company itself It is still very small, so…

  • Shanghai software development-the differences and respective characteristics between software human outsourcing and software project outsourcing

    With the popularization of the Internet and the improvement of informatization level, software development has become an urgent need for enterprises. There are generally two development models for software development, one is to form a team for development by yourself, and the other is to outsource software projects. Software outsourcing is usually divided into two types, software human outsourcing and software project outsourcing. So what is the difference between the two? Which one is better? Below we will take you to understand the differences between the two and explain their…

  • Shanghai APP Development Company-What are the advantages and disadvantages of APP development outsourcing?

    With the outstanding performance of APP in business, many companies want to seize the opportunity and develop their own APP in order to attract customers through APP. Many companies and merchants have chosen outsourcing APP development, which is to hand over development to professional software outsourcing companies. So is this development method good or not? Let’s analyze it for you. What are the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing APP development? 1. Advantages of APP development outsourcing 1. More suitable for customized development of APP needs APP development outsourcing is what…

  • Shanghai website construction company – What issues should we pay attention to when outsourcing website construction?

    For many companies today, it is very necessary to have an official website of their own company. However, not all companies will have professional personnel to build websites, so website construction outsourcing has become the first choice for many companies. What issues need to be paid attention to when outsourcing website construction? First of all, when choosing to outsource website construction, you must pay attention to whether the company you choose to outsource is a formal enterprise. Only on the premise of ensuring the formality of the outsourcing company can…

  • Choosing a software outsourcing company for software development can effectively improve work efficiency

    Software development is not an easy task, because there are many things involved in software development: Carry out many professional tasks such as software design, research and development, and maintenance. Precisely because the work is relatively large and very professional, general software development often requires professional software outsourcing companies to develop software. This outsourcing model brings together multiple professional technologies and services to complete software development. Obviously this development model is a development method for team collaboration to improve work efficiency. When developing software, you may need to carry out…

  • A brief analysis of the market development of entrepreneurial projects of software outsourcing companies

    The current entrepreneurial projects of software outsourcing companies are actually projects with a very low starting point. Although the market is very mature and can even be said to be in dire straits, there is still a lot of “money” potential for future development. 1. Low entry requirements and large existing market The software outsourcing company is an entrepreneurial project with a zero starting point. To put it bluntly, it is on the same level as the decoration team. As long as the foreman can find project opportunities, he will…

  • What is the complete process of APP outsourcing development?

    Regarding APP outsourcing development, some traditional industry bosses may find it uncontrollable, unfamiliar, and difficult to get started with. There are also some product managers or entrepreneurs who have been engaged in the Internet who think it is too simple and ignore some important details. As a result, the APP outsourcing development cannot be completed smoothly and on time according to the scheduled plan. In serious cases, the APP outsourcing development may fail. Let’s analyze the complete process of APP outsourcing development: 1. State the needs With the help of…

  • What are the advantages of outsourcing software development projects for enterprises? And what companies need software outsourcing?

    The software development process includes design requirements, design plans, product research and development, product delivery, and post-maintenance. Many companies do not have the professional capabilities and work experience in software development. It is more cost-effective to outsource software development work. There will be fewer companies outsourcing the business. Take many wrong paths. So, what are the advantages of software development outsourcing for enterprises? 1. Improve work efficiency A professional software development includes back-end management and development, front-end development and design, program execution, maintenance and other processes. The elite development team…

  • What aspects should be considered when choosing a software outsourcing company?

    In the construction of enterprise informatization, with the further integration of IT and business, IT has become an important force to promote business transformation and management change. The software products purchased by many enterprises more than 10 years ago can no longer adapt to the ever-changing business needs, and need to be customized and developed according to the enterprise’s own business model to facilitate enterprise development and business transformation. Traditional enterprises usually do not have a professional software development team, and the cost of setting up an IT team is…

  • What aspects do you need to look for when looking for an APP outsourcing company?

    When looking for an APP outsourcing company, I personally think that it depends on the background of the founder of the development company first, whether it is a technical background, or whether it was a product before, and if it is sales or marketing. Be careful. Those with a technical background are the most reliable and trustworthy, and can maintain high-quality project completion. So, what aspects should you look for when looking for an APP outsourcing company? 1. Check the identity of the person in charge First of all, the…

  • What are the benefits of outsourcing APP development?

    APP development is a matter of relatively high technical requirements. There are only two ways for an enterprise to develop an APP. One is to form a team to develop it by itself, and the other is to find a professional APP outsourcingDevelopmentcompany. The cost of building a team by yourself is too high, so many companies choose APP outsourcing companies, Then APPoutsourcing strong> What are the benefits of development? 1. Reduce costs The most important advantage of outsourcing is cost reduction. The investment in hiring the right people can…

  • How should enterprises correctly choose software talent outsourcing companies?

    Nowadays, various high-tech Internet technologies have completely penetrated into our work and life. In order to keep up with the pace of social development and improve their core competitiveness, many companies have the need for software development. Especially for some large companies, multiple software projects are often carried out at the same time, and the economic cost of all independent development is too high. They choose to outsource the development of software projects and worry about poor confidentiality. Therefore, many large companies will use software talent outsourcing services to allow…

  • What is the specific process of Shanghai APP software outsourcing development?

    What is the specific process of Shanghai APP software outsourcing development? APP software outsourcing development process is mainly as follows, outsourcing companies have similar processes: 1. Demand communication, screening and determination of APP outsourcing developers When choosing outsourced development, both parties must communicate with each other to understand the project and analyze the feasibility of development. Attention should be paid to this link, such as company size, years of establishment, company experience, company team situation, etc.; 2. Product function list confirmation You must have a general idea of ​​your own…

  • What is involved in outsourcing the development of an app?

    The APP can realize functions such as message notification and offline code scanning. This feature has created a sharp increase in the number of APP users. So, what is involved in outsourcing the development of an APP? Next, I will analyze it for everyone: 1. Choose an outsourced developer First of all, you need to clarify your specific needs, and find the corresponding APP developer according to your needs. 2. On-site inspection After collecting information on the Internet and consulting with relevant companies, after selecting a company that may cooperate,…