Shanghai Software Company-How to determine who is a good APP development company

When all companies plan to develop APPs, they will be undecided about choosing a development team. There is a wavering between building your own team and finding an outsourced team.

Given that the outsourcing company’s own team is relatively mature, it can save the time and cost of team running-in. Therefore, in order to reduce early development costs, most companies will basically look for professional technology companies or Internet companies. Although choosing an outsourcing company is simple, trouble-free and saves money, other problems will follow, such as: How to Only then can we determine who is a good APP development company.

Shanghai Software Company-How to determine who is a good APP development company
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Explain in detail how to choose a good APP development outsourcing company from five aspects:

1. Evaluate from the overall strength

For example, does this company have an excellent development team? If it is an agency company that only focuses on business, Then there is no need to choose. The biggest problem with being an agent is the increased cost. It used to cost 5 people, but now it costs 8 people. Moreover, as the number of people communicating increases, problems of repeated communication will arise.

2. Make judgments based on past cases

Used to evaluate the company’s technical capabilities. Whether it is a large APP development company or a small APP development studio, they will have their own success stories and whether the capabilities of their past partners are comparable to ours. If their customers are similar in size to our business and have similar customers, then we can be relieved of many concerns.

3. Make a judgment based on the team’s planning ability

If this planning team can provide us with a valuable planning plan that meets market demand in the shortest possible time . Instead of just plagiarizing a plan online. We can then discuss future cooperation with them.

4. Determine based on R&D capabilities

If the development company has its own professional R&D team, it can combine customer concepts and core competitive advantages on the APP, so that companies will be our first choice.

5. From after-sales service to later technical guidanceTo determine

After the APP development is completed and launched online, the customer service staff of the APP software development company will instruct our staff how to use the APP system operation. Some APP development companies use telephone guidance or computer remote assistance, while other companies provide door-to-door guidance and one-on-one training. However, a good APP development company has a professional after-sales customer service and after-sales team. In addition to following up and guiding the use of the APP when it is just completed, it can also provide free remote assistance and maintenance when encountering sudden problems.

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