Shanghai Software Development-Under what circumstances is customized software development needed?

Software customization development is tailor-made development based on customer needs. Compared with pure products, software customization development will face the following problems: long implementation cycle, high cost, The risk is high.

Fully customized development means that software vendors conduct software demand analysis, system design, coding, and testing from scratch based on customer needs.

So the customization requirements are high and the cost is high. Under what circumstances is custom development required?

Shanghai Software Development-Under what circumstances is customized software development needed?
Software customization development

1. The personalized needs of enterprises are relatively prominent

The business needs of the enterprise are relatively complex and personalized, or the business model of the enterprise is constantly changing in different development periods. The enterprise has chosen certain products, but the products cannot meet the different needs of the enterprise. The needs of the situation require adaptive improvement and expansion through customized development on the basis of existing products.

2. Enterprises have very high requirements for system applications

If you have very high requirements for system applications, this means that you have many personalized needs and you cannot use many functions in the product (which are a bit cumbersome). If the required functions are not available, custom development is inevitable at this time, but the corresponding investment time will be longer and the cost will be higher. Of course, the satisfaction will be higher. This is also the advantage of successful custom software development. “Picky” customers This is usually the case.

3. There are no similar products on the market

There is no doubt that if there is no market and you urgently need it, find a software manufacturer with similar experience to customize development according to your requirements. Remember, when choosing a software vendor, you must consider continuous after-sales service. This is a prerequisite for the good application of customized development software.

4. General products cannot meet the requirements, and development and expansion should be carried out on the basis of general products

This situation is that the product can meet the main needs of users, but the related needs cannot be met. At this time, development and expansion need to be carried out on the basis of general products, which is also common in software secondary development. Assistant not only has a customized development platform, but also has accumulated many applications that meet the business needs of enterprises based on the customized development platform.

5. Multiple systems already exist and need to be integrated and developed

This model can only achieve data exchange between multiple systems through customized development. If the software system comes from multiple vendors, then you may need to coordinate these vendors to provide corresponding interfaces , which facilitates the development of interfaces between systems. Fully grasp the needs of customers, minimize the workload of customized development, and reduce the cycle, cost and risk of system development. In a sense, customized development is ubiquitous in the process of enterprise informatization and can neither be infinitely enlarged nor To completely avoid it, you need to face it correctly.

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