What issues should you pay attention to when looking for a small program development company?

Original title: What issues should you pay attention to when looking for a small program development company?

Nowadays, there are many Internet companies engaged in mini program development on the market, so it is not easy to select a high-quality mini program development company with good development quality and good service quality.

Because the market is mixed with many intermediaries under the guise of companies, as well as studios or individual units with immature technology.

So today, let’s take you through some issues that you need to pay attention to when developing small programs for your reference.

What issues should you pay attention to when looking for a small program development company?

1. In the product demand stage, position and plan functions well

First of all, you must plan the functional positioning of your mini program. You must think carefully about what pain points this mini program mainly solves for users, what are its main functions, and what other functions it has. In the product demand stage, you must think maturely in advance, make a list of product functions, and constantly refine it. After cooperating with a development company, I also communicated more with the development company and finalized the functions through review meetings.

2. When signing a contract, pay attention to the terms of service

When signing a contract, you must review the details of the contract. Pay special attention to the payment node, leaving space behind. The specific functions to be implemented by the Mini Program Lock must also be attached to the contract. And check whether it includes terms such as after-sales service. These things are particularly important after the product is developed.

3. During the development process, pay attention to control the acceptance nodes

There are also several links in the development of small programs, and node acceptance must be well controlled. After the product prototype is developed, product review and acceptance is carried out; after the UI design is completed, the UI design drawing is accepted for acceptance; after product development is completed, the project acceptance is carried out.

Finally, when screening small program development companies, you should also pay attention to: Don’t look for the cheapest. Although many outsourcing companies offer the cheapest quotes, they can only find you the cheapest developers to develop under low quotes. As you can imagine, whether the products developed can meet your requirements is a big problem. Don’t look for companies that are too small or that have been established for a short period of time. Currently, there are still quite a few companies engaged in small program development, so beware of being deceived.

Also, in the process of cooperating with the development company, you need to communicate and cooperate well. For example, when you need to confirm something, you need to confirm it carefully. When Party A needs to provide relevant materials, be able to provide them as soon as possible. Don’t think that everything will be fine just by handing over the product for development. The project is yours, so keep an eye on it.

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