Shanghai Software Development-Xinli Information’s experience in APP outsourcing

Xinli Information Technology combines its many years of software development experience and Internet development experience to talk about the things to pay attention to when looking for APP developers:

Shanghai Software Development-Xinli Information’s experience in APP outsourcing
Software development

1. Company size of outsourcing company

The outsourcing industry is not a new industry. There have been such companies since the beginning of software. Therefore, companies in this industry are not entrepreneurial companies with relatively high risks, and their technical content is not high. In this case, if the scale of the outsourcing company itself It is still very small, so you need to be careful when choosing. According to industry practice, outsourcing companies with at least 30 people are the smallest. Any smaller companies can only be in the startup stage. The cost of choosing such a company is low, but it also involves responsibilities. There is a certain risk.

2. How long the outsourcing company has been in business

General experience is that companies that have been established for at least three years are considered to have entered a stable development period. Especially now that the industry is changing rapidly, many companies will not survive three years. Statistics show that about 95% of companies will not survive three years. After three years, it also means that the company has accumulated a certain amount of experience and is relatively recognized in the market, which is a basic guarantee for the development of a project. Just imagine, if you find a company that has just been established for a year, the next time you go to the company, it may be empty. If you talk about starting a business, it will have already failed in the initial stage.

3. The geographical location of the outsourcing company

At least work in a regular office building. Some people may ask, many great startups are in residential buildings, but please note that what you are looking for now is an outsourcing company. Those startups are doing their own entrepreneurial projects and fighting for themselves. Even working on the road does not affect his strength, but the outsourcing company is doing projects for other companies, and a company with a better location can at least mean that it is relatively formal.

4. Successful cases of outsourcing companies

If the outsourcing company has basically no cases or past cases that can be obtained, it is recommended to abandon such a company immediately. There are no cases. One possibility is that it has been established for a short time, and another possibility is that the projects it has done are relatively poor and there is nothing to offer. Cooperating with such a company will undoubtedly put all the risks in front of you.

5. Technical capabilities of outsourcing companies

Chat with the technical project manager who is in charge of the project to see his work experience. If he has work experience in a BAT company, that is a bonus. But if he has not worked in a second-tier Internet company, if he has no experience in this area, then Just find a friend who understands technology to actually check it out. It must be technically proficient.

6. Software developers of outsourcing companies are also very important

Choosing the right one saves a lot of time and cost. The entire development process is a relatively professional project management process. Finding the right company can save a lot of energy, otherwise a lot of energy and cost will be wasted.

I wish everyone can find a company they are satisfied with and the project can be successfully completed.

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