How to choose a software development company

I believe that many entrepreneurs or companies will face a lot of choices when choosing a software development company. In fact, these are normal. A good company must not only have development capabilities but also have the ability to solve technical problems. The second is It is also important to respond to after-sales issues as soon as possible. For example, when users register, text message reception problems will seriously affect the user experience. The first impression is that the software is terrible. When it comes to choosing a company, I would rather recommend that the owner of a development company has a technical background, because this kind of company has a very high level of management technology.

Nowadays, there are so many software development companies on the market, with varying strengths. Once an enterprise chooses the wrong one, it will fall into a dilemma, and how to choose has become a long-standing concern for most enterprises.

How to choose a software development company
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1. Depend on professionalism

For interested software development companies, you can conduct an on-site inspection to see how professional the company is and whether it has professional planning for project development, testing, integration and acceptance. This can be directly reflected in the details. The professionalism of a software development company.

2. View past cases

When choosing partners, don’t just listen to the pre-sales hype. What really matters is the past cooperation cases the company has. See whether it has done large-scale projects, whether it has done many projects, and whether it suits your needs. requirements, etc., and then make a measurement and decision about the company.

3. Look at the quotation plan

When making a choice, the company can ask the company to provide a quotation plan, and then compare the quotations of multiple software companies, and use the other party’s function list and quotation list to judge which company has an inflated quotation, so as to choose a more reasonable software development company.

4. Check after-sales service

When choosing, you should see whether the other party can promise free maintenance of the software, emergency handling and other conditions, because what is said before the sale may not be very credible, but for a software development company, its after-sales service is often more credible, so it is necessary to Measured in conjunction with the software development company’s after-sales capabilities.

When developing software, don’t blindly compare prices. When choosing a development company, it is more moderate to have a technical team of about 30 people. There is no need to choose a company that is too big. The R&D costs of large companies are about 2-5 times that of small and medium-sized companies. Moreover, the development process does not have much flexibility and requires complicated processes.

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