Website localization deployment

We are a professional website localization deployment company, which solves the problem that foreign brand official websites, corporate websites, and service websites open slowly or even fail to open after Global enterprises and brands enter China.

Infocode Lanchang Information Technology provides a full range of localization of text, pictures, video, and audio for the entire site, and provides services such as localized server deployment, website operation and maintenance, and website optimization.

Website localization deployment
Website graphic, video, audio Sinicization

Website localization deployment
Languages ​​for website translation:

We have many years of experience in website translation and localization, multilingual translation: English, Japanese, French, German, Russian, Korean, Spanish, Arabic and other languages, text translation, picture translation, video translation, audio translation, etc.

Sinicization of pictures, videos and audio:

Chinese translation of pictures: Banners, product pictures, content pictures, detailed pictures, and other website picture elements are Chinese, and pictures can be modified according to needs, etc.

Chinese translation of video: Chinese post-production of video, localization of video subtitles, Chinese dubbing of video audio tracks, modification of videos, subtitles, audio tracks, etc. according to needs

Sinicization of audio translation: Sinicization of audio dubbing, Infocode Lanchang has a rich library of professional dubbing teachers and free samples for you to choose from

Chinese website construction + SEO configuration:

Front-end page development: home page, second-level page, third-level page sub-page production, pop-up layer, Html5+CSS3 animation special effect development PC, mobile terminal compatibility optimization

Management system development: website content management system, member management system, other system docking, etc., 100% source code delivery

SEO optimization configuration: Robots crawler protocol creation, Sitemap map XML file creation, SEO keyword library recommendation, SEO keyword creation, TDK (title/description/keywords optimization configuration), comprehensive speed optimization, whole site CND acceleration

Server regional deployment:

We will provide you with servers in the following cities and regions according to your needs for website deployment

Chinese regions: Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Qingdao, Hong Kong Overseas regions: Silicon Valley of the United States, Frankfurt of Germany, London of the United Kingdom, Dubai of the United Arab Emirates, Mumbai of India

Site and Server Operations:

Provide you with server operation and maintenance, data backup, security reinforcement, Trojan killing, security scanning, vulnerability repair and other follow-up operation and maintenance service support

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