What should I do to develop a small program?

As the status of small programs in the field of mobile Internet becomes more and more prominent, many companies begin to lay out small programs to snatch the bonus market of small programs. In the long run, the trend of small programs will only become more and more obvious, because it is convenient enough for users The experience and convenient communication features meet the needs of enterprises, whether it is external promotion and marketing or internal management.

Next, let me introduce what you should do if you want to develop a small program.

What should I do to develop a small program?
Small program development

Needs Research

The demand research stage is not only the small program development company of Party B, but also the business of Party A. Party A needs to have a general concept based on its own industry characteristics, brand characteristics, user habits, and internal management models. The usage scenarios and goals to be achieved of the mini program products, and then communicate with Party B. On the one hand, express the requirements to Party B, and on the other hand, discuss the implementability of the requirements with Party B from multiple angles, such as from the perspective of technology, business From the perspective of the model, the perspective of competing products in the industry, etc., it is more appropriate to discuss how to do it, and finally form a clear demand list.

Development company selection

In the process of communicating with a small program development company, you can roughly judge whether the other party has experience, understands the Internet industry, and can judge whether the other party is reliable. Give professional and feasible advice, which may not be the most advanced, but the one that is most in line with your actual situation and practical, so as to ensure that ideas can be safely implemented and cooperation can proceed smoothly.

Confirmation of renderings

The first step in developing a small program is to design the renderings. According to the clear requirements in the early stage, the interface design is carried out. The design renderings and the customer confirm the style. From the perspective of aesthetics, whether it meets the customer’s requirements, the details can be adjusted again later, and the overall The interface style should be confirmed at this stage.

Mini Program Production

After the renderings are confirmed, the development and production of the applet will begin. The technicians will develop and produce the interface according to the renderings confirmed in the previous stage. After the development is completed, the applet development company will first conduct a self-test until all the functions of the applet can be used normally.

Delivery acceptance

After the small program is developed and self-tested, it will be delivered to the customer. The customer will use it according to their own actual use scenarios. During the use process, they will propose modifications and inform Party B. Party B will make modifications and update them in time until the actual use scenarios of the customers are met and the expected project is achieved. Target.

After sales and maintenance

As we all know, a good Mini Program product requires timely and efficient after-sales service, which can ensure timely adjustment and resolution of problems encountered in the subsequent use process, meet customer needs, and continue to generate Mini Program product value.

To sum up, the development of small programs has to go through 6 links. As long as the work of each link is implemented well, the development of a desired small program product is guaranteed.

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