Shanghai Mini Program Development – Should I look for a development company or a personal studio for mini program development?

The emergence of mini programs has brought benefits to developers and business owners. So what are the differences between personal mini programs and enterprise mini programs, and what issues should be paid attention to when developing mini programs? ?

Shanghai Mini Program Development - Should I look for a development company or a personal studio for mini program development?
Mini program development

Let’s take you to learn more detailed information below. Compared with enterprise mini programs, personal mini programs do not have WeChat payment and nearby functions. The service categories are also different from enterprise mini programs. different.

If you trust that person enough, it would actually be much better to find a personal developer; but if you don’t trust someone, it would be much more reliable to find a company.

So there is no fixed answer to this. I have encountered too many personal studios in all industries. They are basically scammers. As long as you give money, they will basically They all ran away directly.

Sometimes a company’s reputation is more likely to be reliable. As long as everyone knows how to identify a company’s reliability, there will be no problem.

1) Be sure to go to the company for an on-site inspection. Although you cannot see their soft power, you can see the strength and hard power of their team.

2) Be sure to look at the relevant cases they have done, whether they are successful or failed. Of course, you will not be able to see the failures, but you can see what they have done. cases, so that you can also judge what level of APP they can achieve.

3) Search for their related keywords on the Internet, take a look at their reputation and reviews, and see if there are any issues with principled deception.

4) Another option is to compare several more companies to see which one is the strongest and has the highest cost performance.

5) Follow up regularly to observe whether the company’s customer service department is perfect, whether they will share some industry information and new trends with customers, and then based on these new trends and The market has made some modifications and suggestions.

6) How about the after-sales service? After the mini program is launched, will there be a professional after-sales team to provide technical guidance and perform product maintenance for a certain period of time? Mini program development itself is not A business that is done without care, so whether the company is reliable or not, after-sales service is very important. This can also be used to examine whether the company is trustworthy.

In this way, you will have more chances of finding a reliable company. Also, if you want to find someone, you can also find someone. As mentioned before, as long as you trust him enough, you can also find someone. made.

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