Website operation company: What are the specific work contents of website operation?

Although some companies develop corporate websites, they do not have professionals engaged in website operations within the company. At this time, some companies will choose to operate the website on their behalf, and a professional website operation company will be responsible for it. For companies that are new to website operation, they still don’t know what work is included in this operation?

We are a professional website agency operation company. Today, let’s talk to you about the specific work content of website agency operation?

Website Operation Company
Website Operation Company

Website operation: Internet promotion

It is an effective way to further spread the company’s product information, especially the company’s characteristics, product performance and advantages. If you want to achieve very effective promotion results, you need to carefully plan the content settings, promotion methods, promotion media and platforms. Through customer positioning, high-quality promotion content and effective promotion platform, it can be well promoted and branded online, which plays a good role in achieving marketing purposes.

Website operation: website optimization

It and online promotion are complementary to each other, and they are two different aspects. The purpose of optimizing the website is to have a good promotion effect. With the constant adjustments of search engines, if you want to get good rankings and inclusions, and allow many users to access products and related information, you definitely need a professional website optimization. This includes the optimization of keywords, internal links, external links, etc., and the quality of article content needs to be improved. In addition, the layout of the website, page design, etc. need to be paid attention to and will also be involved. Website optimization has a high technical content. Optimizers need to improve their skills and persist in the long term. If the company doesn’t understand it, it can choose to operate the website on behalf of others.

Website operation: website article publishing

Based on the SEO keyword library customized for customers, Lanchang releases targeted articles every month with optional gradients ranging from 30, 50, and 100 articles.

Website server maintenance

The server system conducts regular security inspections, detects viruses, Trojans or website backdoor scripts and programs, and promptly updates and installs patches. Ensure the website response speed to ensure that the website runs uninterrupted throughout the day, ensure the website opening speed (generally the homepage opening speed is not less than 3 seconds), and must ensure that the website can be accessed normally within 24 hours a day

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