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Professional video editing company: the main business includes short videos, TikTok short videos, Kuaishou short video, Taobao short video, video account editing and production services.

Served the video production of many large international brands, has rich experience in video clip production and video dubbing, and serves more customers in Shenzhen short video clip.

Shenzhen Video Editing Company

1. Short video rough cut

Arrange the materials in order according to the script to build the structure of the film, which is generally used to initially confirm the video frame.

2. Formal editing of short video

After the initial cut is confirmed by the client, it enters the stage of formal editing, which is also called fine cutting. #影墨# In the fine-cutting work, first of all, it is necessary to modify the unsatisfactory parts of the initial cut, and then synthesize the work of the special effects part into the film, and finally fine-tune the overall artistic feeling of the film. After the fine cutting is completed, the work of the screen part is completed here.

3. Short video selection

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4. Special effect synthesis

This stage is a relatively critical stage. Special effects will be produced on the places that cannot be photographed or the shooting effect is not good. Here we will use very professional special effects production software. Many movies with super visual effects we have seen are being It is because the special effects synthesis is done very well.

5.mixing audio

It is at this stage that the narration and dialogue are synthesized into the film. After the music, narration and dialogue are completed, the sound editor will match the film with atmospheric sound effects, and finally adjust all the sound elements to the best effect position. At this point, the picture and sound elements of a film are all prepared, and the last process is to synthesize the sound and picture together, and output the final film.

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