Shanghai Mini Program Development – How to find a reliable company for developing Mini Programs?

Nowadays, more and more industries and businesses have discovered the importance of private domain traffic, so many businesses have begun to pay attention to and launch mini programs, and want to develop one of their own. , use your own small program to do business.

How to develop a small program? How to find a reliable company? You can start from the following aspects:

Shanghai Mini Program Development - How to find a reliable company for developing Mini Programs?
Mini program development

1. Development cases

Nowadays, small programs in various industries are relatively popular on the market. When choosing a development company, you can find out whether they have done similar cases. It is best to let the development company Send it over and use it yourself. If the case is done better, the results developed later will definitely not be bad.

2. Demand communication

The development of industry mini programs needs to be based on the actual operation of your business. What problems in the business are developed to solve the mini program? It is best to communicate with the development company more, and the same There are many ways for technicians to implement functions. The prototype must be determined before development. Once the prototype is determined and entered into the development process, it is more troublesome to make changes.

3. Technical staff

When choosing a development company, you must understand the technical personnel of the development company. A project requires prototype UI design, front-end, back-end, testing, project managers, and business personnel. Individuals and studios generally have one person holding multiple positions, and large software development companies have dedicated personnel in charge.

4. Development price

If the function you need is already relatively mature on the market, you can choose to use the finished product. This will not only reduce development costs but also reduce the development cycle. There will be many bugs.

There is another way to use templates. This is a Saas system. This kind of platform is provided to you. It charges annually based on functions. You need to add the materials inside. Use this Templates still require some skills and time to make.

If your needs are relatively novel, this requires customized development. Customized development is written line by line, so it is more suitable for your business, and the development cost will be higher. Development time will also be longer.

Which model to choose for development depends on your actual business situation.

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