Shanghai Website Production Company: What are the steps and processes for making a corporate website?

In the era of rapid development of the Internet, company website construction has become a business card of the company on the Internet. Enterprises must build a corporate website of their own in order to gain a foothold in the Internet society.

A new milestone for a professional Shanghai website production company. Today I will talk to you about Shanghai website production: What are the steps and processes of corporate website production?

Shanghai Website Production Company
Shanghai Website Production Company

The first step in website creation: domain name registration

Building a website requires at least a website address, which is a domain name. There are many websites that register domain names, the registration prices are also different, and the services provided by different registrars are different. Currently, domain name registration requires real-name authentication. The steps of different registrars are slightly different. For specific operations, please contact the registrar’s customer service personnel. You can register with Alibaba Cloud, Western Digital, etc.

The second step of website creation: server purchase

The server is used to store website files. The cheaper one is called a virtual host (or website space). The server is divided into three types: ASP, PHP, and NET. It is my first time to build a website and I don’t know the type of website space, but it doesn’t matter. We can choose an all-round space. It supports ASP, PHP, and NET programs. After purchasing the website space, you can access a default page of the space through a subdomain address that comes with the space.

The third step of website production: website ICP filing

All websites in China need to be registered before they can go online. Websites that are not registered are not allowed. What you need to do after purchasing the space is to register. To file, you need to contact the space provider yourself and submit the registration information to the space provider, and then they submit it to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. After review, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will issue a registration number. The registration review will be completed within 20 working days. Usually it only takes a few working days to pass. If you don’t register, you can use the registration-free space. The server of the registration-free space is not in mainland China. The server is in Hong Kong or abroad, but the opening speed will be slow.

Step 4 of website creation: Upload the website program to the server

There are many website programs on the Internet that are specially used for making websites. Of course, there are also many programs that cannot be used, or have poor functions and poor security. So don’t use them indiscriminately. Choose which one is more famous. If you are doing a forum, you can use the discuz system; if you are doing a blog, you can use it. You can use the Z-blog system; general websites such as enterprises, schools, and governments can use the pageadmin system; shopping websites can use the ecshop system. These systems can be downloaded for free. They are all well-known in China, with mature functions and good security. Website program, choose the system according to your website. Upload the downloaded system files to the website space. The website registration has not been passed yet, so you cannot use the domain name to access the website, but we can use the test address that comes with the server to install the program. After uploading, just follow the installation steps. There are installation instructions in the installation package. If you don’t know how to install it yourself, you can ask the space provider to install it for you.

Shanghai Enterprise Website Production Company
Shanghai Enterprise Website Production Company

Step 5 of website creation: Add website content

We can complete the addition of website content during the filing period. Adding website content is relatively simple. Enter the website backend to create new website columns. Create as many columns as you need. For specific operations, refer to the corresponding program operation manual.

The sixth step of website creation: resolve domain name and bind domain name

After filing the registration number, I can resolve the domain name to the space IP. After the domain name resolution is completed, bind the resolved domain name on the space management panel. Enter your domain name in the address bar. You can access your website. If you cannot access it right away, don’t worry. It may be that the resolution has not taken effect. You will be able to access it after the domain name becomes effective after a while. It’s that easy to build your own website.

For more information related to corporate website production, please contact our customer service for more support

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