Scan code ordering mini program design and development plan

Design and development of dine-in scan code ordering mini program

Scan code ordering mini program design and development plan
Food ordering applet

1. Scan the QR code to order food

During peak periods, customers can use their mobile phones to scan the QR code on the display stand at the entrance of the restaurant during the queuing period, enter the ordering applet, take the lead in viewing the menu, and order in advance, including hot-selling dishes, creative dishes, seasonal dishes, and preferential dishes. Everything is available, put the dishes you want in the shopping cart in advance, place an order with one click, and leave immediately without any burden.

2. Share and invite to order food

The mini program ordering system will automatically generate an independent invitation code, and consumers can share the mini program and invitation code with friends. In this way, even if friends have not arrived at the restaurant, they can enter directly through the invitation code and order food online, and no longer have to worry about which dish to order. Moreover, all data in the catering WeChat applet system will be automatically merged and unified into the same order.

3. Exquisite ordering UI design

Consumers can directly view the exquisite electronic menu in the mini program, and can also view restaurant information, shopping cart personal information, etc. In addition, they can also directly order orders, place orders, and check out in the ordering mini program. Experience faster and smarter ordering services, allowing fans to spend more time chatting with friends and sharing life moments.

4. Humanized interaction design

The design of the ordering applet fully considers the actual usage habits of users, and humanely adds elements of dish categories. In addition to directly scrolling the screen to view the dishes, fans can also quickly search directly in the menu list. For those consumers who dine in the store for the first time, the ordering applet also has a “sales ranking” display to provide a reference for new customers to order.

5. Smart coupon payment

The ordering applet supports two payment methods, including WeChat payment and cash payment, and is automatically associated with the membership system during payment to verify coupons.

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