How to choose a reliable software development company

As a novice in the industry, it is difficult to choose a reliable software development company. After all, I can’t tell at a glance how great a software company’s development capabilities are. I have also cooperated with one or two companies and would like to share some experience on how to identify an APP development company. Several key APP development companies were selected through preliminary screening.

How to choose a reliable software development company
Mini program development company

Screening principles and precautions: Look at the company’s strength (Baidu, official website, technical staff…), check the company’s marketing information, look at the company’s main cases, etc. Through these, you can initially select several key companies to contact. This accomplishes our original goal. Comparing plans and prices, the goal is to choose a suitable development company that understands the project and is cost-effective.

1. Do you understand your project? This is the most basic, but often you don’t have much experience and cannot deeply understand customer needs. We need to make a Functionlist. Regardless of whether the other party really understands it, we need to ensure that the functions and logic are correct, so that the quotation can be reach the same level of understanding,

2. Case, although there is no customized development experience for you to develop exactly the same needs, there will always be some developers with similar needs. An experienced development team can develop the desired product faster and more efficiently.

3. Look at the quotation. The quotation not only depends on the final price, but also what the supplier can provide, development cycle, developer configuration, development function content, etc., and its corresponding quotation. There must be a clear quotation description, and the quotation plan must also It reflects the professionalism of an APP development company. I never compare prices. Low price is not necessarily good, high price can also be a killer. As long as I can get my thoughts out.

4. Process. Strict development process is a necessary condition to ensure the smooth progress of the project. It’s not that you hand over your APP idea, the development company can completely understand. Product design needs to be done step by step, and UI design needs to be designed to satisfy you. Every step in the front is guaranteed to go smoothly, and the subsequent development is also a matter of course.

5. After-sales service, ask if it is a bug with lifetime maintenance to ensure the availability of the product. If I don’t have many choices of cooperative companies, I will recommend a company that I have cooperated with and negotiate with my boss Lin Hui. From the initial collision of ideas, to UI design, to signing the contract, I am quite satisfied. Some companies have also conducted on-site surveys. Relatively recognized in all aspects. Various Android platforms and IOS platforms will also be available soon.

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