How to sort out the logic of developing a distribution mall?

90% of customers are easily confused by the distribution agent logic when building a distribution mall. Here, the editor will explain to you how a distribution mall should be designed. How to sort out the distribution model? The content is for reference only, I hope it can help everyone.

How to sort out the logic of developing a distribution mall?
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There are many mature distribution models on the market, and most people choose to refer to other people’s models and then modify them based on their own circumstances. The organization is also very simple. You only need to figure out three directions.

1. What are the levels of agents? They are the first, second and third levels of agents.

2. What conditions and thresholds are required for the level of an agent, that is to say, what conditions and thresholds are required to become an agent.

3. Regarding the rights and interests of membership levels, it would be more intuitive to explain if there is income, because these will be shown to customers later when you promote product sales.

Find a more reasonable agency model, then design it into your own model, and then find a software company to sort out the requirements and develop it. Huashang Technology is a professional Internet technology service company. If you have APP development, mini program development, website construction, mall system development, live broadcast system development, WeChat public account development and other related needs, you can contact us and we will serve you wholeheartedly. .

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