Why is mini program development more popular?

Original title: Mini Program Mall System: Why is mini program development more popular?

From early website pages, to apps, to mini programs, each one brings us a new experience, but why have many merchants developed their own mini programs in recent years?

Why is the development of Mini Program Mall System more popular? Today, the editor will talk to you in detail.

Mini program mall system: Why is mini program development more popular?

Currently commonly used mini programs include e-commerce, life services, knowledge payment, etc. It has great application space in various industries.

Among them, the most popular mini program is the e-commerce mini program, which is also related to the development of traditional e-commerce and shopping needs.

Traditional e-commerce companies such as Taobao and JD.com allow users to search, filter, and purchase based on their needs. For consumers, there are so many products that they don’t know how to choose. Of course, for channels such as Taobao and JD.com, it is also very difficult to obtain off-site traffic.

Mini programs can often cooperate with public accounts and short videos, and you can enter the mini program from these entrances to achieve conversion. The cooperation between mini programs and content can achieve a one-stop transformation of planting and placing orders, without the need for third-party channels to purchase. At the same time, content planting also allows consumers to not have to worry about making choices. At the same time, mini programs also increase the time users stay.

Moreover, the advantages of the mini-program e-commerce system are comparable to those of the APP, and you can use them directly without downloading.

These advantages of mini programs fully meet the current needs of modern people. Imagine how powerful it is to scan a QR code to enter a web page and then implement the functions that an APP can do.

Therefore, the prospects of small programs are unlimited. Including social e-commerce mini-programs, which provide a carrier for offline physical stores to transform into new retail. It can connect online and offline stores.

Mini programs are light applications. In the large ecosystem of WeChat, they are very convenient for sharing and promotion, and can fissionally attract users. Moreover, the WeChat circle of friends is acquaintances, and word-of-mouth spreads, which facilitates the operation and transactions of mini programs.

For example, the case of the “Pinduoduo” mini program: Pinduoduo’s mini program has a large number of products, many options for users, and cheap product prices, which can attract a large number of users to place orders. This is also the reason why Pinduoduo has entered the third- and fourth-tier city markets. 2 people, multi-person group buying, price reductions, holiday flash sales, special lottery draws, etc. make users have a great time and become addicted to Pinduoduo’s mini-programs. Pinduoduo seizes the user’s mentality of taking advantage and actively initiates group buying and snap-up sharing to WeChat Friends and WeChat groups can expand product exposure and attract a large number of new users to actively place orders.

Merchants can refer to the operating ideas of Pinduoduo’s mini programs, look at the specific conditions of each merchant, and create an e-commerce mini program that suits them.

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