Mini Program Mall Development Company: What are the functions of WeChat Mini Program Mall?

Geek Mini Program: Regarding the mini program mall, what functions do we really need?

In recent years, the number of WeChat users has continued to increase, and its functions have also gradually increased. Shopping is one of the many functions of WeChat, and it is also loved by many users. The mini program mall is a good place for users to shop, and its operations are also very convenient. Simple and convenient, more and more companies and brands are developingmini program malls.

Professional Mini Program Development Company New Mileage Technology, today we are here to tell you what are the functions of WeChat Mini Program Mall?

Mini Program Development Company
Mini Program Development Company

WeChat mini program traffic drainage function:

Equipped with traffic head platforms, such as Douyin, WeChat, Toutiao, etc., as well as the mini program’s own traffic entrance to help merchants attract traffic and reach more potential customers!

Traffic platform diversion: guide users to jump to mini program links by mounting Douyin short videos, Moments, and Toutiao ads;

Public account drainage: Through the public account platform, articles and content updates are published, and the text is directed to the mini program to attract traffic to the mall;

Link sharing: Users can share mini program links to social friends, communities, and circles of friends;

QR code: share the QR code entrance and directly obtain users;

Nearby Mini Program: Displays businesses within 5km of the user’s location to accurately attract traffic.

Customer acquisition function of WeChat Town:

Once the mini program mall has traffic, the next step is to accurately acquire customers and guide users to purchase products and convert them.

Product display: Display product prices, photos, text introductions and other content to assist users in understanding and increase attention;

Hot-selling products: Increase the exposure of a certain product, display it frequently, create hot-selling settings, and trigger users’ desire to buy;

Promotional products: Set up promotion area and send push activities frequently to attract users’ attention and consumption;

Event organization: Offline merchants can publish store activity information through the mini program, sign up directly on the mini program, and convert them into offline customers.

Marketing functions of WeChat mini program:

Discover users’ consumption needs, stimulate users’ desire to buy, and let users pay for the product!

Group discounts: One-click to start a group, users can only enjoy preferential prices by inviting friends to form a group, creating user fission and stimulating consumption;

Bargaining with friends: Users can share links to discounted products, invite friends to help them bargain, and attract users to share.

Create hot items: a means of promotional activities to reduce the prices of some products within a limited time and quickly clear inventory;

Distribution system: Users share products with others through the method specified by the merchant. When a new user makes consumption through the link, the merchant will give a profit to the user who shared the link, and the commission income ratio is set by the merchant;

Points redemption: Users can earn points by participating in sign-in and other activities, and the points can be used to redeem products set by merchants within the mini program;

Big wheel: The mini program has a built-in lottery wheel activity. Users can participate to obtain points, coupons, etc. to increase the popularity of the mini program;

Member privileges: Users can become members through recharge or other methods designated by merchants. Members enjoy membership discounts, and members of different levels enjoy different discounts.

Payment function of WeChat mini program:

A complete mini program mall must have mature conversion and transaction functions and provide users with payment channels!

Online payment: The most direct way to monetize mini programs. After placing an order, users can pay online directly through WeChat and account balance.

Appointment consumption: Users submit information on the mall platform, make an appointment at the store, and purchase services offline.

Scan the QR code for write-off: When users purchase in-store services through the mini program, a QR code will be generated. The merchant scans the code to confirm the purchase, and supports digital write-off codes.

WeChat mini program management tool:

The mall has a variety of management tools that can help merchants better manage their products and orders and improve the efficiency of the mall!

Order management: The mini program can view the status of all orders, which are divided into pending payment, pending shipment, and pending evaluation, and supports one-click reminder for merchants to ship;

Logistics and distribution: The mini program can check logistics information, logistics progress, and whether distribution is completed at any time;

Customer service consultation: Add a customer service button to the homepage, and users can call the customer phone number to contact the merchant to provide consulting services;

Merchants settle in: Merchants can apply to join the platform for free by submitting information;

Enterprise management: manage customer leads, track and view progress in real time, and facilitate screening.

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