How much does it cost to develop a small program?

How much does it cost to develop a WeChat mini program?

Generally speaking, the more complex the product function is, the better the product quality will be, the higher the quotation will be, and vice versa, the lower the price will be. Shanghai Lanchang Information Technology, a professional small program development company, would like to talk to you about the cost of small program development. How much does it cost to develop a small program?

How much does it cost to develop a small program?
How much does it cost to develop a small program?

There are currently two types of small program development, with different costs:

Template development of small programs:

The price of a small program template system is generally between a few thousand to ten thousand yuan. Just like the self-service website building system used by some users now, you cannot ask for too much, and you cannot make too many changes because it has already been formed and there are too many templates. The user experience is not high, the interface design is not good enough, and the functions are also greatly limited.

Customized development of small programs:

All functions of the mini program system require custom development, which is generally very costly to develop from scratch. According to the user’s requirements, the functions may cost tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, and the development cycle is relatively long, but no matter what, the mini program system Program development costs are lower than APP application development.

How much does it cost to develop a small program? Mini program template development price

The first thing to say about template applets is that in fact, most of the template applets on the market can meet the needs of users, and the price of template applets ranges from a few hundred to several thousand yuan. Therefore, if the template applet can meet the needs, there is no need for custom development.

How much does it cost to develop a custom mini program?

The price of customized development depends on the demand and difficulty of implementation. It is generally calculated based on the workload. The calculation method is as follows: Some templates really cannot meet the needs and requirements of customers. At this time, customized development is required.

According to the customer’s requirements, a small program is re-developed to meet the customer’s needs. At this time, the development company may need to invest in front-end, back-end, design, product, testers, etc. for development.
Generally, company quotations are based on person-days per day as the quotation unit. Generally, daily labor quotations in first-tier cities are around 500~1,000/yuan to calculate mini program development costs.

For example, if a small program takes a month to develop, and two people develop it, the cost will be around 40,000 to 50,000.

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