Why does the relationship between mini programs and traditional e-commerce point to “reshaping”?

Since the advent of Mini Programs, Tencent has made improvements to the WeChat ecological environment in recent years. From marketing functions to the addition of video accounts and live broadcast components, the WeChat platform has become more and more diverse and can form a “closed” platform. The sales environment makes it difficult for users to jump out when browsing WeChat. So why does the relationship between mini programs and traditional e-commerce point to “reshaping”?

Why does the relationship between mini programs and traditional e-commerce point to "reshaping"?
Mini program development

The inevitable product of the times

Every era has its own particularly outstanding products. If the Taobao app after 2005 is an outstanding product in the 20s and 21st century, then the mini program is one of the “products” that has attracted special attention in the 21st century and is in line with modern users. Purchase methods such as “busy” and “quick” make online purchases very convenient and fast. Other value-added services can also be expanded through the platform, so that the service model is no longer single and purchases are no longer troublesome.

The transformation of traditional e-commerce

In addition to mini programs being one of the development trends of the times, it also comes from the fact that traditional e-commerce is already at a development bottleneck. After all, traditional e-commerce has been transforming since 2016, but in the end it did not develop a path. For example, in 2016 In 2017, Taobao has already launched the live broadcast function, and only short video platforms such as Douyin added live broadcast operation models. However, the profit data of traditional e-commerce is not optimistic. Due to the “inherent thinking”, it will definitely not work to develop with the original operating thinking. , and mini program platforms are somewhat different from traditional e-commerce in terms of rules and operating models. They are more inclined to build individual “brands” and “traffic pools”. This also illustrates the point that e-commerce will use public domain traffic. The profit model is gradually moving towards private domain profits.

Opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises and self-employed individuals

Let’s start with Taobao. Large companies, big brands or big anchors basically account for the largest percentage of public domain traffic. However, it is very difficult for small businesses or small anchors to make profits. This also illustrates one point. , there are “defects” in traditional e-commerce that prevent small and medium-sized enterprises from developing, and this is exactly an opportunity for transformation. After all, this is a larger group of people, so the mini program platform can better provide an opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises, mainly focusing on The “private domain” model allows merchants to sell in small program malls + public account content operation to create and attract users + community operation and maintenance to activate new and old users, etc. + creation of video account content and video content + multi-faceted online operation method of live broadcast to bring goods. , allowing small and medium-sized enterprises to break out of the tight encirclement and build their own individual brands, it can also better consolidate the “relationship” with precise users.

The scope of mini programs is not limited to e-commerce

If we talk about why mini programs can reshape traditional e-commerce, from live broadcast e-commerce to traditional e-commerce transformation to social e-commerce, diversified e-commerce operation models are one of the business opportunities Tencent sees to create a comprehensive e-commerce The business model is the most critical. In the future, mini programs and Tencent’s apps and platforms may be “connected”, allowing mini programs to penetrate into different fields and platforms. In such a huge and complete e-commerce system, Next, it is difficult for merchants not to profit from it, but the prerequisite is that you want to settle in it.

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