Mini program operation and promotion: How to promote WeChat mini program?

WeChat applet is an application that can be used without downloading and installing. In layman’s terms, it means that all applications and APPs are moved into WeChat. When opening and using WeChat, there is no need to download, install or pay attention to them, and they are at your fingertips, no need to download, and you can use them right away. The core concept is an application platform that allows all users to find merchants efficiently, quickly, conveniently and accurately through mini programs, and helps merchants lock in precise customers. It breaks the shortcomings of public accounts that need to attract fans and apps that need to be downloaded and registered to be exposed. The mini program itself is a promotion and traffic platform, which greatly improves the promotion efficiency of merchants and reduces promotion costs. Efficiency, speed, convenience and accuracy are the core concepts of WeChat mini programs

Today we will talk about mini program operation and promotion: How to promote WeChat mini program

Mini Program Operation and Promotion
Mini Program Operation and Promotion

1. Let the merchant’s physical store be displayed within a radius of 5 kilometers, so that WeChat users can see the merchant’s product information and various preferential activities through nearby mini programs, achieving physical store coverage Advertising effect within a radius of 5 kilometers.

2. Direct WeChat public account fans of different entities to the merchant’s mini program, increase the exposure of the merchant’s mini program, and use other people’s ready-made public account fans to do your own business.

3. After paying with the mini program, it can not only directly recommend users to follow the merchant’s official account, so as to attract accurate customers and attract fans, but also view the merchant’s official account in the background of the merchant’s mini program It can also push information, new products or promotions to customers by checking their browsing records, visit scenarios and communication addresses. In other words, mini-program payment can achieve customer retention, after-sales service + later promotion and marketing.

4. Mini programs can generate countless mini program codes, which can realize one code for each item and learn the source of customer channels and delivery effects. Merchants can conduct offline promotion and attract traffic through offline QR codes.

5. Mini program keyword search, each mini program can set 10 keywords, and you can find the merchant’s mini program by searching for keywords. It is a mini program that can accurately target The customer’s mobile application allows unfamiliar customers to easily find businesses by searching for keywords!

6. The name of the mini program is unique. Once registered, anyone will not be able to register again. Since WeChat supports social search, application search and content search, precise search and fuzzy search through WeChat Search allows all WeChat users to directly find merchants through the mini program name

7. The background of the mini program can conduct portrait analysis based on region, gender, age, hobbies and other data to conduct targeted marketing.

Use WeChat big data to promote operations

1. Through WeChat’s powerful search function, let the 900 million WeChat users across the country quickly find you and get the first-mover traffic bonus.

2. Drain traffic through nearby mini programs, so that all WeChat users within a 5-kilometer radius can see you and eat the nearby traffic dividends.

3. Quickly accumulate user data through mini-program payment to achieve traffic diversion

4. Obtain promotional traffic bonus through promotion activities such as group buying, group red envelopes, flash sales, consumption cashback, online shopping cards, and online gift cards.

5. It can be associated with different public accounts to achieve data sharing, and it can achieve tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of traffic and exposure within 10 days.

6. “Precise search, fuzzy search, related word search” can use the above three search methods in the WeChat environment to search for the required mini programs. WeChat’s search game rules can help merchants quickly target precise customers.

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