Blockchain: Sharing of basic blockchain terms

Blockchainis a term in the field of information technology.

Essentially, it is a shared database, and the data or information stored in it is “unforgeable”, “full traces are left”, “traceable” and “open and transparent” Features such as “collective maintenance”. Based on these characteristics, blockchain technology has laid a solid foundation of “trust” and created a reliable “cooperation” mechanism, which has broad application prospects.

Blockchain: Sharing of basic blockchain terms

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(1) Address:

A Bitcoin address (for example: 1D1DSrfJdB2AnWaFNgSbv3MZC2m74996JafV) consists of a string of characters and numbers. It is actually the information encoded by base58check on the 160-bit binary icon public key hash value. Just like not sending emails to your email address, it can send you Bitcoins via your Bitcoin address.


Bitcoin Improvement Proposals (abbreviation for Bitcoin Improvement Proposals) refer to a series of proposals for improving Bitcoin submitted by members of the Bitcoin community. For example, BIP0021 is a proposal to improve Bitcoin’s Unified Resource Identifier (URI) program.

(3) Bitcoin:

“Bitcoin” can refer to both this virtual currency unit and the Bitcoin software used by the Bitcoin network or network node icon.

(4) Block:

A block is a collection of transaction data, which will be marked with a timestamp and a unique mark of the previous block. After the block header is hashed, a proof of work is generated to verify the transactions in the block. Valid blocks will be appended to the main blockchain after consensus across the entire network.

(5) Blockchain:

The blockchain is a series of verified blocks, each of which is connected to the previous one, all the way to the “genesis block”

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